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Series Monster School
Appearance Normal Blaze
Role Student
Personality Short-tempered

Blaise is a short-tempered Blaze attending the Monster School. She often shoots fireballs at other students after being angered for various reasons.
Blaise's debut is in Meet the New Students, with Silvester, Witton, Zupay, Maggie, Cavell and Multus.


Blaise is hot-tempered and easily aggravated, especially when someone takes her work. She hates Creep the most, since his main trait just happens to be stealing others' work. When aggravated, she shoots fireballs at anything and anyone around her.


Blaise, like most blazes, has the ability to fly and shoot fireballs. She can also wield tools, and when she does this they float around her like a part of her blaze rods unless she is actively using it.

Role in the Series

Lesson Grade Description
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, Blaise hovers in, a brief description appearing.
Mining C In Mining, she is paired up with Creep, who steals her emeralds. He later returns them.
Acrobatics E In Acrobatics, she flies through the running course. She falls off the parkour. She moves past the wall.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, she receives candy from an iron golem, which Creep steals. Her costume was based off a witch.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas!, she receives a book about anger-management.
Combat #2 E In Combat 2, she's defeated by Ghist.
Scaring E In Scaring, she burns the human.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - She defeats the snow golem that Endie, Mucus, and Creep made.
Bus trip - In Bus Trip, she goes on the bus trip.


  • Before Bus Trip, Blaise had 2 rows of rods and emits no smoke. This was because 0.7 did not have a blaze rig or particles included. Instead her model consisted of a reskinned human head as well as two pairs of reskinned and resized arms and legs.
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