• Kclar

    Warning The following reading contains somethings that you might find disturbing, That includes:

    • Gore
    • Disturbing scenes
    • Threats to the wikia members
    • Sad scenes

    If you don't like this stuff, don't read it!! ...well, you been warned :|

    "HEY BLACKIE! BLACKIE!" yell Kclar, who was being led by the two yellow hazmats following the Black hazmat who seems annoying. Kclar stayed silent, which at first the Black hazmat sighed with relief and so did the others.

    "HAZBOI!!" no, Kclar was just waiting for the right moment. Finally, he had enough and The black hazmat turns, clearly bothered by her sudden bursts of annoyance.

    "What is it this time?" He questions.

    Kclar smiles widely, showing her shining white teeth. Making one of the hazmats losing his courage.


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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    Now, let's move on to the fourth game. 

    This game is quite different from the others. But is it so in a good way? Let's take a look. The first change you'll notice is that you can finally move freely! If by 'freely', you mean 'faceplant your way in fixed directions'. 


    Is it so very hard to make a character move freely like so many other games?

    I will admit that the way Scott handled this mechanic was questionable, but it seems odd to compare it to 'so many other games'. I don't know why. I also don't know if while Will was making this video, he was also working on his game projects, but let's assume he wasn't. If so, he doesn't understand how to properly integrate functions such as free movement, and integrating fixed animations and…

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    Once again, I'm going to make this disclaimer; Everything Will says is in normal text, and the rebuttal is in italicsl. 

    • Will begins reviewing the second game*

    This game is pretty much the same, but with some differences. 

    This is a nitpick, but that's the laziest thing I've heard in a while. Any sequel to a game that relies more on gameplay than story can be described as "The same, but with some differences". 

    Firstly, there's a few more animatronics. This doesn't really do anything to improve the game. 

    Bzzzt, incorrect. It adds more variety in enemy design, they have a role in the (admittedly insane) plot, and once again, each of them has a specific pattern to what they do. 

    Another change is that you now have an animatronic head that you put…

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    Everything Will says will be in normal text. The rebuttal will be in italics. 

    In case you recently emerged from a bunker in the desert, and you don't know what FNAF is, let me give some quick context: It's a franchise of horror games that has gotten absurdly popular. They have also gotten a huge amount of hate for various reasons, mainly for being terrible games, and because of the toxic fanbase. Even many people who like the games admit the fanbase is horrible. After the success of the original game, sequel after sequel has been made, faster than the Call of Duty series. The fourth one was going to be the 'final chapter'; Something I didn't believe for a moment. And guess what was announced a few weeks ago! 

    • Image of FNAF World appears on …

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  • RustedRusher4455

    This is just some idea for a series I had, where random faliures in the episodes happen

    (Take 1)

    (During the part where Endreai threatens to force info out of Colin)

    Colin: I don't know about the main city

    Endreai: You're lying

    Random Enderman: He isn't, I used a lie detector on him (shows it to him)

    Endreai: Darn, he's right

    (Take 2)

    (Endreai teleports just his head)

    Colin: Shouldn't you be dead?

    Endreai: OH-(dies)

    (Take 1)

    Colin: Legend says-BOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

    (Take 2)

    Colin: Legend says a pig captured a Wither, so pigs could be blown up by wither skulls. But this should not happen. Only humans, villagers, cows, creepers, and ghasts were meant to be blown up by wither skulls, so the pig became the Endermaster.

    That made no sense at all

    I'll do more lat…

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  • Kclar228

    This page is full of nonsense, A couple of JFF (Just For Fun) Scripts i made about either Endventures or the other universes.

    There would be sometimes themed scirpts just as for Easter and all that, i hope u enjoy and i hope i get a lot of LMAOs and LOLs!

    Redstone: Do you got any ideas, how were suppose to defeat the Endermaster?

    Colin: *Looking at a board with the whole map of Minecraftia, some bits a crossed out or circled* No, not yet Red but trust me, i'll soon get an idea!

    Redstone: ._. yeah, by the time YOU do, we'll be enslaved. *Redstone leaves*

    *Colin just stands there and stares at the board*

    *Day 1: Nobraynes just skipped pass Colin and start humming, Colin doesn't notice.*

    *Week 1: Shadow is checking Colin for a heartbeat, after Redsto…

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  • TheTruth44

    I remember when I found this wiki, it was filled with idk but lets say probably a lot of people, there were many contributors like Baddy and Spartian3000 that were on this wiki. People talked in the comment section of each episode and a character, albeit there were some trolls, and then the Ideas for Willcraft was active. But that three years has passed, this wiki, in my honest opinion, has declined in the amount of users. I've been a contributor since 2014 and I've really notice the decline of the user activity on this wiki, yeah there's still some users on this wiki left but the activity on this wiki isn't big anymore in my opinion. The OG's like Baddy are no longer around, nobody isn't talking/debating on episodes and character pages an…

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Darker Past (Fanfic?)

    February 12, 2017 by TheAuroraWolf

    Cleared out.

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Cold War (Story?)

    February 6, 2017 by TheAuroraWolf

    Cleared out.

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  • TheTruth44

    Lord Laskig Drawing WIP

    January 28, 2017 by TheTruth44

    I don't draw that much, I do take art classes but that's only in one quarter and I have to wait till high school to join drawing classes again. But here's a Work in Progress for a drawing of Lord Laskig. I'm currently working on figuring out how to draw the pose and how the body would look like.

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck


    January 18, 2017 by Impatiens the Shmuck

    The eyelids of the teenager seemed to be suddenly and without warning dragged open. In his blurred vision, he could see two slender, shadowy people lifting him off of a flat, spongy surface and painfully carrying him over to something that looked uncomfortable, like a metal stretcher. 

    As he was laid down, it became clear to him that it was a flat metal table, as the shadowy figures at his sides shackled him down and hesitated after doing so, as if they expected him to put up a fight. However, he was far too tired to really see or fight back against whatever was happening to him, as if he was drugged beforehand. 

    As his vision cleared, he could begin to see that he was in a dimly lit, freezing metal chamber, and two his sides were two silent…

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  • TheTruth44

    If anyone knows how to delete blogs, I need to delete my very shitty fanfiction I made , I'm adimitting this very clear, this fanfiction I made was very rushed, and it does feel like it. I want it deleted because I need to go back to the drawing board and retype it via Microsoft Word, since I thought I could've done better. Another reason It was rushed was because I didn't have enough time, I currently have other stuff in my life, mostly school. So I need this very rushed fanfiction to be deleted and need to work on the story of this fanfiction.

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Irrelevent Stories

    December 5, 2016 by TheAuroraWolf

    Some random homeless stories with no place to call home. Well, I'm gonna dump the stuff here. Now, before you can start yelling about Dark, the whole story will be made into a comic. This has some crap and creepy stuff, so please don't try to cry out about how random these are.

    BONUS: If I post a fanfic, if you get the reference, I will draw something for ya. FOR FREE.


    (I'll write in the morning, haha.)

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    Okay, this blog is a rewrite of a record of a one-hour roleplay chat me and Kclar had. The plot of this roleplay chapter is that Kclar has captured the Black Hazmat from Dark, and Impatiens has joined her to help the Black Hazmat suffer even more with his manic ramblings. After this chat finished, the story continued with Imp, Craz and Luna (as well as a cameo by Kazoo von Nooty Noot). Unfortunately, this second iteration was not recorded by copy/paste, so it was lost forever. Here is the original roleplay, formatted so everything is in order.

    *The roleplay begins with Kclar establishing the premise, with Impatiens jokingly referring to an unseen character he knows*

    Kclar: The Black Hazmat...has been captured by me. This....

    Impatiens: …

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  • TheTruth44

    There was a man in a mask named Willcraft, he had psychic powers but had two personality sides, the black suit one with sadistic but non-murderous hatred nature, and the other personality, showed murderous hatred and no sense of humor but the likes the stuff the real Willcraft dislikes and presented itself with a white tuxedo and a white mask. The real Willcraft took this second personality out of his body but this second personality was turned into its own body. This second persona of Willcraft went into hiding, waiting and planning his revenge on his "brother".

    AuroraWolf, Kclar, Impatiens, DragonRoar, and Luna all appeared in a meeting created by Willcraft. "Hey, why are we here?" questioned Dragon, "Willcraft send us here." answered Lun…

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  • Luna4s

    Fanfiction - Wounded

    November 23, 2016 by Luna4s

    The car was racing down the slippery, dark, road fast. Everyone grim and panicked. Everything had gone wrong, so very very wrong. The sound pf the engine being pushed to its limit, the turning slipping tires, the howling wind against the car, it drowned out all sounds from the passengers. Outside from the soft chanting coming from the wounded Ninja.
    To all of them it felt as if they were in one singular moment that seemingly lasted forever. While driving Shuura sometimes glanced back at her passengers through the mirror. One might question the logic of letting someone without depth vision drive, but she was good at what she did and that was all that mattered. She had to focus on the road, but she couldn’t help worrying. All her passengers…

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    If you saw my post on my wall earlier, you saw that I had come up with the idea for a story where an unnatural human dressed completely in knight's armor leads a group of monsters who accompany him to help eradicate demons due to a previous incident. The ragtag group of monsters also wishes for independence from the demonic empire, since all species of monster have been used as servants and slaves for the demons since Lucifier fell. Along the way, they encounter more monsters and humans in order to fight back against the demons. 

    DEPTH, A Tale of Revolt:


    Gluttony's massive stomach rose and fell like a wave. Snot drizzled out of the boar snout and the flabby lips. Such was the demon of eating far too much. Built like a hog, acted like one, …

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  • Kclar228

    The group woken up to find their selves in the testing chamber, Their legs were cuffed to a wall so they couldn't move. Walking out of the shadows was the black hazmat who smiled at them.

    "Finally, your awake," he said bluntly. They notice he wasn't accompany by anyone but other than himself.

    He push a stove into the middle of the group, inside was a large rod, he picked it up and it has a bright hot orange 'H' at the end.

    "Why are we here?" demanded Aurora. "Tell us now!" yell Luna

    The hazmat just shook his head with disprovable.

    "Geez, we'll you guys ever shut up?" he asked "Anyways, in this test you will have to-" "I WON'T BE FORCE TO TAKE YOUR STUPID TEST!" yell Willcraft trying to lung himself at the Hazmat but the chains pulled him back making the…

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Dark (Comic)

    November 13, 2016 by TheAuroraWolf

    The comic version of my Fanfiction:

    (It won't fit, so I'll redirect you to its Folder on DA.)

    Comic Folder

    The comic will update a new page or teaser every week, Sundays. More information on this is explained on its journal entry.

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    YouTube Blog

    November 5, 2016 by Impatiens the Shmuck

    As of last Monday (Halloween), my channel has started. However, several obstacles prevent me from making the videos I plan to upload.

    1. I don't have a good location to make stop-motion. (I need a place with more space)

    2. I barely have any time during the week to make a video, as my school and rehearsal schedules are strict. Also, until March, I am forced to do schoolwork on Saturday as well, which only leaves Sunday, when I have church and family activities, but I still have plenty of time during the afternoon, as long as I don't have visitors.

    3. Jaxx is difficult to animate: Bionicle sets in general are difficult to animate as a whole, since their feet aren't gripping onto anything. I plan to try and find a way to neutralize that problem,…

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  • TheTruth44

    By veterans and OG's (which means Original Gangster), I mean people who used to be active on this wiki ever since Willcraft created this wiki stuff. The people who used to be admins as I remember were Baddy2004 and Spartian3000, and for the contributors, the people as far as I know who were also part of this wiki were DarkTRex and Pp06.

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  • The Minester

    Hello, sadistic poops. Welcome to my Animation Production blog. Currently, I'm working on a Monster School-inspired series, and if you've checked out episode 0 on my channel (Check out my profile for that).

    Backstory: I'm one of the original Monster School fans. I started watching in 3rd grade (2012-2013 year), and I think only Crafting, Cooking, and Stealing were on the diedie15 channel. This gave me the idea (possibly before anyone else): what if I made one on my own. My original plans were incredibly ambitious. Since I never knew what Mine-imator was, I was planning to make it a Minecraft machinima. I tried once, but I never knew how to get the animals and monsters to stop moving (I seriously used minecarts for this.). After I discovered…

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Rating: PG 13+ (Contains blood, gore, dark themes and disturbing literature.

    "Everyone alright?" Luna, a ninja admin, asked the other members sitting and searching around for her flashlight which was safely tucked in her belt. She found it and shone it around to count everyone and was relieved to have seen everyone in good shape.

    "I'm good, a little sick, but good," Impatiens, the hybrid flower mutant replied, rubbing his head. He leaned back wearily on the cold metal that broke off Luna's torch.

    "What happened? Why are we here?" Kclar, a young, brown haired girl asked, calmly looking around the confined area. She stood up to see

    "Trapped, apparently. Bunch of creeps got into the base, shot us with tranquilizer guns and loaded us into this... …

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  • TheAuroraWolf


    October 15, 2016 by TheAuroraWolf

    Welcome to the blog that has no purpose.

    This is here just for me to spam rages and stuff I did. ON ACCIDENT.

    This blog is an accident.

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  • TheTruth44


    Halloween is here, we can now get free candy, and wearing costumes (although, I gotta be careful on Halloween because of these Creepy Clown invasions)

    I have chosen who I'm gonna be, unforunately I didn't buy it yet but luckily they can get here in a few weeks or so, still searching up the costume on Amazon and eBay. But if I don't get it then I'll just be Anonymous again.


    Well I officially got my costume, sorta, I'll show you what I'm trying to be...

    If you watch Naruto, then you know who Tobi (or Obito) is. Also I said sorta, because I don't have the mask yet, I have the Akatsuki Cloak from Amazon, but not the mask. I've checked the listings for the mask on Amazon and eBay, but some of them com…

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  • ShuuraRussia


    October 2, 2016 by ShuuraRussia

    Привет, я не буду писать тут, это первое и последнее сообщение в нем!

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  • TheTruth44

    What did I miss?

    October 2, 2016 by TheTruth44

    It's been a few months, and I'm Back, what did I miss?

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  • Kclar228

    Musical covers

    September 2, 2016 by Kclar228

    I'm been doing music covers on my Youtube channel and i'm wondering should i make more of the characters created by Willcraft?

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  • Impatiens the Shmuck

    Sequel Blog.

    August 29, 2016 by Impatiens the Shmuck

    So, as my account has been changed, I have made a new one, which I feel will be much better name-wise.

    UPDATE: It appears I have not put anything on here for a while.....sorry.

    And we begin life on this new blog with my latest piece of art: a comparison of my new Impatiens design compared with my old minecraft design of him. A bit of backstory for this art; I may have gotten the dates mixed up, but the dates in the picture are mostly the dates of when I used it as the avatar for Impatiens. The original Impatiens story was that he was a mutant mercenary for hire who could manipulate plants into attacking people, which makes him out to be more of an anti-hero then what he is today. His appearance was a bit more unsettling as well: As you can s…

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    Cleared out.

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  • Kclar228


    August 17, 2016 by Kclar228

    This is my newer page for my fan videos i made or by others, including collabs, PMVS and MVS! I hope you enjoy them! I might even include some rubbish just as Willcraft related vines i made on my channel!

    Make sure you check on Perfect fish Productions for some new videos and important updates and news!

    Lovely videos i made!

    Yes, I even done maps base on Endventures or the Endventures Fandom just as Butterflies :D

    Collabs with my friends!

    For my pals!!

    Yea..stop reading the desc or i'll get Wrecker to come after you..



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  • KkcrazyCraft

    Live Action

    August 2, 2016 by KkcrazyCraft

    No, wait

    There's a new page for this stuff

    But I have no idea of how to delete this post

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  • TheTruth44

    Anybody knows any people who are inactive? Type in the comment section.

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  • TheTruth44

    While searching around this Wiki, something came into my mind, the Idea Polls, back then I mostly focused on the Battle characters for Ideas so I checked it out, and it hasn't been edited for probably 10 or 11 months, I also noticed that there's a poll to remove the idea poll which I voted twice which I realized I screwed up, and there's no sign of the Idea Polls. This came to my realization, that the contributors loss interest in the Idea Polls and lost creativity, like back then a bunch of people on this Wiki had alot of ideas, but now the pages for Idea Polls have been inactive since it hasn't been edited for 10 or 11 months.

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    So, gathering everyone in my presence, I've got a few things up my fur (Wolves don't have sleeves, people). Just a quick warning:

    Turn back if you would like to keep your sanity. If you've already lost it or are curious, I allow you to proceed.

    Okay! If you have a suggestion option, feel free to comment them below. I mean, these woud be commonly updated and everyone's comment option will be included. Here's how you comment it:

    Poll: (Poll of choice) Option Idea: (what you want to be an option) Category: (Fandom poll, idea poll, etc.)

    Here's an example: Poll: Shippings Option Idea: (what you ship..) Category: Fandom Poll

    Endventures shipping poll: (no suggestions yet)

    Monster School shipping poll (no suggestions yet)

    Other Shippings Poll (This one in…

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  • Kclar228

    Fan art page

    April 18, 2016 by Kclar228

    Please feel free to browse around on my fan art page! I made a ton of stuff!!

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  • Letthewookiewin2

    Well, since the wikia is rather inactive, I've taken up blogging here. I don't really expect anyone to read this though. (Dang, I hang out with Blooky too much, but I can't resist talking to him. He's a great ghost to go to if you wanna talk about music.)
    So anyways, over here where I live, I seem to be unable to write anything special, except that Mettaton is an extremely good  dancer. That's all for right now. Tune in next time to hear me drone on and on about how boring my day was.

    Today, I made a terrible attempt at drawing a picture of everyone's favorite sexy rectangle: Mettaton!
    The knowledge that if I keep practicing, I'll become better at this, fills me with DETERMINATION!!

    I just had an inspirational ephiphany: So there was this on…

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  • Kclar228


    March 27, 2016 by Kclar228

    I started to create my own cool Endventures gifs while waiting for the next episode to come so enjoy my gifs i made, oh look! Here's one..

    I came up with the idea for this gif when i was watching Endventures, how Click-clack and the others comment about Nobraynes sounded hurtful.. just as calling him a moron, staying out of their way and sucking at fighting.. it might of cause Nobraynes to go...insane one d


    And this one here, well..i was bored..

    Should i make a collection of these? Because i was thinking of doing the whole 

    Endventures group (Leaving Shadow, Rebel leader and Endaria out, i'm not so good at drawing Endaria and the Rebel leader, and shadow... yea).



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  • Luna4s

    Welcome to the blog dedicated to my failed Fanmade Animation
    Here you will find everything I worked on and managed to .. .. sorta get done. I suppose.

    The end result is this short video of about 14 seconds. When I first started I wanted way more too happen. Summarized I wanted the video to start off on top of a hill with Katie and a sled, Click-clack would run up the hill to talk to her before she could sled down. He would boast about how good his aim was and show that by throwing a snowball at Shadow who was decorating the christmas tree together with Endaria.
    (Its a Christmas Fan animation, so thats why I'm totaly breaking the lore. I wanted the video to maybe even start with the Endermaster sitting on his throne with a santa hat on, watchin…

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  • Luna4s

    Fanart blog 2.0

    February 15, 2016 by Luna4s

    Hey, Welcome to my new blog!
    I'll post my newest drawings here, leaving the other blog unchanged from now on.
    I might even undo my latest edit, so its back to how I left it when I took a break from posting Fanart.

    For anybody that doesn't know how this was made, or wasn't around when this was all going on. Basicaly I had to prevent a ship with me in it from sailing, and I did that by making Wilrence. This image is in a very different style than what you guys are used to seeing from me. I didn't want to spend too much time on it, and wanted to try something new. So I decided to experiment a bit when making this, no thick borders or bright colors. I personaly like how it turned out.
    I'm pretty sure i'm the first one to ship them, and give them …

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  • TheAuroraWolf


    December 21, 2015 by TheAuroraWolf

    I'm thinking on planning some stuff to add soon enough, but I may need some opinions to decide what to do. So, I made a poll blog for this. Now, stop reading and vote!

    Making stuff:

    More polls soon...

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  • The Minester

    Animation rant.

    December 19, 2015 by The Minester

    As the title suggests, this is simply an animation rant. Specifically, about MS. Even more specifically, the CC: the Crappy Copies. This comes from the latest post on Willcraft's profile.

    So people on the MI forums (not advertising, just saying) make great animations, and yet have ~100-1000 subs. And yet the CC's, such as Stillcraft and CraftedThings, have over 100,000! And they're not even good (CraftedThings isn't even using 1.0.0).

    My moral on MI: Check out the lesser known Mine-imators. They have animations with obvious effort.

    See, simple and short. This is gonna be extremely controversial... I don't know why I made this.

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  • TheAuroraWolf

    First Post?

    December 14, 2015 by TheAuroraWolf

    Okay. I found the blog page. Now what? Aside from the introduction, I have done some recent updates and comments on the fa base. Check that out if you want, but I would like to discuss about the ideal characters for monster school. Comments? Sure!

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  • Debora.fuentes3
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    Who are your favourite monster school characters?

    Here are mine:

    Teacher: Herobrine

    Old student: Endie

    New student: Zupay

    Female (old or new): Maggie

    Overall: Zupay

    Teacher: Hildegarde

    Old student: Spider

    New student: Cavell

    Female (old or new): Blaise

    Overall: Cavell

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  • EliteStarGazer

    Guys. I've like read some of the comments/pages and some of them are having some grammatical errors and/or wrong spelling. Or sort of a child-ish content. So I've decided to make an "Micro-managed" Age Survey. 



    16 and above - 22.22%

    14-16 - 66.67%

    14 and below - 11.11%

    Owner's comment: I guess most pages lacked in edits/updates, so sorry about the blog's "passive aggressive trait" if I can say. So I was never on someone's SeeS.

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  • Luna4s

    This blog will be to help anybody that needs it with editing pages. I will explain templates, wikitext and anything I know about if its asked.
    I personaly do everything in the source code, so if you use the visual editor you should probably look up a different guide .
    Feel free to leave questions in the comments! ^.^

    Some quick first-aid help
    If you're trying to use some of these and they just don't work how they are supposed too, go through these steps first.

    • Uppercase letters, Make sure you made the right letters uppercase. Wikitext is Uppercase Sensitive!
    • The order, Some code works with < / and >. If you put the / on the wrong spot the code won't end properly.
    • Double usage, some code or templates when used will overrule other code and template…

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  • CrazTheGenericFangirl

    How do certain characters act? What should you and should not do? Why does a particular thing act that way? All very lovely questions. Lovely questions that could potentially rip that fanfic your considering writing down in two.    So, in order to avoid your dreams being crushed by canon, do some research! Ask your self questions about canon and don't be afraid to take out any unnessesary details in your story. Things like filler, lifeless plots and terrible romances that serve nothing more than to quench the viever's thirst of seeing the paired couple.

    Espicially if your a new writer wanting to start writing. Sure, you worked hard on that fighting scene and that brilliant main character, but still, there are going to be things that you mig…

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  • TheTruth44

    Contributors of this wiki, we are here to honor the rebels, The Rebel Leader, and Porkey who died during the Endermen's invasion on the Rebel City. Rest in Peace, they will all be missed. :(

    *Playing Eminem Headlines*
    *then playing Big Sean One Man Can Change the World* Read more >

    Considering writing relationships on each monster school characters article with students they've interacted with.

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