Boom Image
Boom in Episode 7
Series Endventures
Appearance He looks like an Ordinary Creeper
Role Supporting Character
Personality Protective

Boom is a supporting character in Endventures.

Role in the Series

He was a friend of Click-Clack and Nobraynes. In Episode 7, while the others were in the witch's house he stayed outside guarding the place with Nobraynes. When the triplets showed up he was forced to detonate in an attempt to protect Nobraynes. His death was a Line-Crosser that caused Click-Clack and Nobraynes join the heroes on their quest to defeat the Endermaster (and the Endermen in general). He was later seen in Click-Clack's flashback in Episode 8 running away from a human with Nobraynes.


Boom looks like a standard Creeper.


He seems to be Nobraynes' guardian, since he has known him longer than Click-Clack, showed him how to hold his sword in Shadow's Identity Crisis and even died for him the next episode. This gives him a protective and caring personality. He's also aware of that fact that blowing up can kill him. Since died shortly after his introduction he didn't get much character development.


Just like any creeper he is able to self-detonate. He uses his mouth to pick up things due to the lack of arms.


  • Despite the fact that he wasn't in the series for a long time some viewers grew attached to him and mourned his death.
  • In Click-Clack's flashback he was running away from a human instead of trying to detonate. This means that he is aware of the fate awaiting him if tries to attack and only does it when there's no other option.
  • Like most Creepers in Willcraft's Animations, he hisses as he speak.