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The Bus Driver's skin
The Bus Driver's skin
Series Monster School
Appearance He has an completely black skin and red eyes, and is often seen with a big grin.
Role Bus Driver
Personality Slightly sadistic and an adrenaline junkie.
Hobbies Driving maniacally with the schoolbus, gambling with real life events, smoking cigarettes.

The Bus Driver transports the students to school (as seen in the new intro).


The Bus Driver wears a dark blue and yellow uniform with white gloves, red & black striped pants, and his head is black. If this is because he has black skin or if his head is shaded is unclear. He has red eyes and sometimes smiles widely, showing his teeth.


He is a maniacal driver and is probably a sadist of some kind, since he seems to enjoy putting the students in danger with his hazardous driving. The sadistic side of this character is also supported by his behavior in the Scaring episode, where he watches the students scare the human and laughs at the human's misery. His bus seems to mean a lot to him, as as shown in the Bus Trip episode.


  • Teleportation/Warping objects - He is a skilled driver and has the ability to warp with the bus and anything inside it. He uses this to teleport the bus into Herobrine's dimension and then go back to the Overworld after driving a little.The Bus Driver also has a ability to disappear/teleport when the others don't see him. For example, in the episode Scaring, he vanished when Zombee was walking out of the room.
  • He also has a magical coin which he flips whenever he stands before a "yes or no" decision. If the "Yes" side comes up things go as he wants, and if the "No" things will go wrong for him. The coin is either wolf head/wolf tail or planks/sticks. The "Yes or No" Coin is similar to the Heads/Tails coin.


  • The bus driver is the only character with facial expressions, proven by his wicked smile when driving the bus.
  • The Bus Driver is visibly similar to Lord Läskig, but they are not the same character.
  • He is also Willcraft Animations' favorite Monster School character (as Willcraft said in his Q&A video).
  • Willcraft originally planned to have him be voiced, but the idea was dropped.

The bus driver in the Monster School intro.