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Click-Clack Image.png
Series Endventures
Appearance Normal skeleton; apart from the brown hat he wears.
Role Protagonist
Personality Easy going, but quickly furious or competitive.

Click-Clack is a protagonist and serves as comic relief in Endventures. He broke the laws of hostile mobs by teaming up with the rest of the group instead of killing them (like skeletons should usually treat humans), in order to fight the Endermen. He talks with a country-like accent, shortening most words. He is voiced by Elijah Taylor.

Role in the Series

He was first seen with Nobraynes and Boom in the end of Episode 6 when kidnapping Red, and in the next episode he then showed them the crazy witch's house where Shadow was cured from his Enderius Transformation. Later, when Boom got killed by the triplets, he decided to help the group fight the Endermaster, driven by desire for vengeance. He claims that he spawned in Alpha, making him very old (by game logic). He has the role as a funny character, often joking and making skeleton-based jokes, like taking off his head in order to reach an itchy spot.


Click-Clack looks like an average skeleton, but wears a hat on his head. He says that it protects him from the sun.


He has a pretty easy-going attitude most of the time, making jokes and remaining calm. But if his friends are threatened, or especially when they are hurt, he gets furious and is not someone you'd like to meet. He does seem to recover emotionally quite quickly, as he got over Boom's death in a few seconds. Though when he talked about him later, it's obvious that he still mourns him.


Click-Clack is able to remain unharmed during the day, thanks to his hat. Presumably, if he takes the hat off, his vulnerability to sunlight will be restored. His archery skills are also more advanced than that of any other known skeleton.


  • His hat, calm attitude and archery skills made him similar to Sniper from Team Fortress 2.
  • In his flashback he kills a human in order to protect Boom and Nobraynes the first time he met them. This human had the same skin as Lord Läskig in his human form.
  • Unlike Skellington from the Monster School, Click-Clack doesn't eat and is a very good archer, while Skellington is the exact opposite.


  • "Why would you walk away from the iron bloke, you big moron!" - Here Be Dragons