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Decay, also known as The Wither King
Decay, also known as The Wither King
Series Endventures
Appearance Red armor and Red eyes
Role Unlikely Supporting Character
Personality Most likely over confident

The Wither King, mostly known by his actual name, Decay, is the king of all Withers and Wither skeletons. He claims to be the king of the entire Nether, but the Zombie Pigmen, Magma Cubes, Ghasts and Blazes refused to accept him as their ruler. His main goal is to turn the Overworld into a living hell.

Role on the Channel

He has appeared in a battle video. He then attempted to conquer the Overworld, but he was stopped by Notch. He becomes a supporting character later in Endventures and for reasons unknown, agrees to help the human group in destroying the Endermaster after they tell him that Notch is no longer around, but also intends to take over the overworld. He is also revealed to have been the sole survivor of The Miner's Bane and that he found a special staff in a redstone torch cave that turned him into Decay. He eventually fights Enderia and kills her, and eventually rallies up Nether Mobs to fight against Endermen in their dimension. He also confronts The Endermaster and goes into his massive 3 headed form, The Endermaster eventually kills him however by impaling him with an obsidian pillar.


Decay wears a helmet that looks like a wither skull and he has red eyes. His skin is grey. In the battle video, his armor pieces are all black. He also wears bracelets on his arms (presumably made out of iron or silver). In his updated skin he wears red armor (which is probably made from Redstone or lava). He is three blocks tall and is usually holding a scythe.

Decay with his updated skin.


Not much is known about Decay's personality, but it can be assumed that he is arrogant, self-confident and of course, evil.


  • Super Strength - Decay is very strong and skilled in battle.
  • Transformation - He can transform into his giant form with three heads.
  • Energy Beams - The Wither King can load his scythe mysterious energy and shoot red lasers from it.
  • Summoning - He can summon his subjects, wither skeletons to fight for him.
  • Telekinesis. He has telekinesis, as shown when he rose up a platform from the lava.
  • Projectiles - He can shoot wither skulls, like withers.
  • Force Fields - He can also create force fields and trap his opponents inside them.
  • Invincibility - He seems to be invincible because he died in his battle video, but appears in Endventures at some point.
  • Teleporting - He can teleport as shown while he was fighting Notch.


  • In his battle video, he was holding a large iron hoe instead of a scythe. (though this is mostly because scythes doesn't exists in vanilla Minecraft, and as a result couldn't be made in mine-imator.) Willcraft/Luna would later give him a proper scythe in later years.