Willcraft Animations Wiki
Series Endventures
Appearance Enderman Skin, Magenta Eyes, Purple Hair, Ender Dragon's Wings
Role Tertiary Antagonist
Personality Obedient, Loyal, and Naive
Hobbies Obeying her Father, Destroying Villages and Cities

Endaria is the tertiary antagonist of Endventures. She is the Endermaster's (adopted) daughter, and is the offspring of the original enderdragon. The Endermaster has given her the power to take a more-human shape (as well as being much larger than Enderdragons are supposed to be). She is voiced by Nightendoesgaming.


Endaria was born in the End and was raised by her mother, the original Enderdragon. After her mother was killed by the hands of The Endermaster, she was raised by him and was finally out of the egg. The Endermaster decided to turn her into a human like enderman like her adopted father. In her new form, the Endermaster taught her how to speak, read, walk and fly.

Role in the Series

Endaria is the Endermaster's most dangerous weapon since she is originally an Enderdragon. He can, on rare occasions, send her to the Overworld and cause massive destruction to cities and villages. She has appeared in Episodes 9,10 and 11 so far.

When she was asked by the Endermaster if she was ready for another attack. She said that she wasn't, displeasing her father. She appeared in episode 10, when her father sent Endaria to the Overworld.

In Episode 11, she tries to destroy the Rebel City, but after failing to destroy it, the Endermaster slapped her due to her failure to destroy the city.

Major Spoilers
Enderia doesn't appear until much later into the series after Episode 13, where The Crazy Witch tells her about a terrible being in the nether named the Wither King and that it could be a threat to the Endermaster. Enderia who is still mad about failing her dad, decides to listen to The Crazy Witch and go and attempt to kill the Wither King to make her father proud. She decides to go alone as she is naive, and as she is about to go into the end portal unnoticed, Katie (in her Ender Mage self) spots her and asks her what she is doing, Enderia explains what she is going to do and convices Katie to not tell anyone as she goes into the portal, Wrecker sees the whole thing however. While the human group is making their way back to the Nether portal with the Wither King, Enderia comes through the portal and challenges the Wither King, because she doesn't have her special dragon powers however, she loses the fight and dies. The Wither King collects her EXP and thus her soul, The Endermaster feels her death and is full of anger and so talks to Wrecker on what happened, and Wrecker gaslights Katie since he saw her talking with Enderia and he wants to get her in trouble. Katie is forced to tell the truth to the Endermaster and The Endermaster decides to not punish her but gives her the mission of finding a Dragon Egg for The Endermaster to put in a ritual and also kill the Wither King. Katie eventually encounters the human group in the nether and loses, eventually the human group and the nether mobs join forces and enter the End where a massive battle erupts, The Wither King fights The Endermaster and The Wither King is defeated and thus drops Enderia's EXP/Soul, immediately after however, Colin (who is using a powerful potion to become immune to The Endermaster's power) fights The Endermaster and kills him leaving his EXP on the pillar. Later the Triplets go to the pillar and collect the EXP and then go to the Ender Dragon Egg ritual The Endermaster set up which is still awaiting EXP, they give the desired EXP, and Enderia reincarnates to her original self. She is devested to learn of her father's death however and then becomes new ruler of the end. She also wants to return the favor to her father and resurrect him, this would lead to a sequel series after Endventures but it never was fully planned out.


Endaria in Episode 9.

In her dragon form she looks like an average Enderdragon, but much bigger (almost as big as the Endermaster's castle). In her humanoid form she is a woman with the skin of a dragon, purple hair and purple eyes. She also has wings and a tail. She is wearing an obsidian chestplate and a black skirt with purple outlines. In her human form, is unknown.


Endaria is obedient and loyal to her father. She seems to fear him and has probably been treated with cruelty during her upbringing. She is also emotionally compromised and naive however and thus can do reckless actions.

Endaria seems to be preferring her human form, since she asked the Endermaster if she could attack the rebels' city in her human form. This might be because being in dragon form exhausts her according to Episode 9.


In both her forms she possesses the power of flight, destroying blocks with a mere touch and flying straight through blocks if she does not want to destroy them. Her dragon form possesses much more strength and durability, though.


  • There was a rumor that Endaria will join the group and betray her father. However, Willcraft denied this and said she will never join the group.
  • Endaria is feared, but also beloved by the endermen. A few dislike her because they see her as the Endermaster's puppet or disapprove of the mighty enderdragon taking human form, but those who speak foul words of her are quickly killed by the Endermaster.
  • In a blogpost, Willcraft has stated that Endaria would curl her tail whenever she was anxious or sad. Also, in said blog, he has said, "The only (currently acknowledged) enderman who does not like Endaria is Wrecker. He adores strength, and he finds her submissive nature despite her great power to be disgusting." Here's the link to his blog


Endaria as a toddler.