Endblade Image

The Endblade's appearance.

The Endblade is a weapon used in Endventures, commonly used by the endermen and invented by the Endermaster to slay the original Ender Dragon.

Role in the series

  • They are commonly used by the endermen and The Endermaster in Endventures.
  • Known users are Endreai, the Endermaster, Wrecker, the Ender Guards, Shadow and an unknown enderman captain who owned Shadow's endblade before he stole it.
  • It is currently the strongest weapon in Endventures.
  • When it is wielded by an enderman, it is able to create shockwaves that has the same effect as a direct hit from the sword, but over a greater distance.
  • Larger versions of these swords are only used yet by the Generals, such as Endreai and Wrecker.
  • As shown in Episode 12, only the trusted endermen get these. This is possibly because two enderman must die for each single one. However they are possibly taken from the deceased enderman that the Endermaster uses for his training.


  • It looks like a normal sword, but the blade is purple in color. Its handle is a darker purple.
  • There is an another appearance of an Endblade but with a longer blade. It was seen in Episode 10 of Endventures where The Endermaster used it in his training. It still shares the colors of a normal Endblade.


It is shown by the Endermaster that an Endblade is crafted with two enderpearls and a block of obsidian in the same way you craft a diamond sword with diamonds and a stick. However the Endermaster doesn't use a crafting table, he levitates the items before merging them together. It is therefore possible that only he can create Endblades.                                                                       Not much is known about the longer Endblade but it is possible that three enderpearls are required, and if this is true then it's almost certain that they cannot be crafted as the crafting inventory only has three slots up the y-axis.