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Minecraft Endventures is an animation series on Willcraft Animations' channel. The series is about a group of players that are trying to survive an Enderman revolution started by the evil Endermaster. The series was unfortunately cancelled in 2018, but Willcraft uploaded a video explaining the remaining plot after Episode 12 and also showed the animation work he did for Episode 13 on July 2, 2021.


Colin, an average Minecraft player, lives with his pig Porkey far away from civilization in a forest. One day, they are suddenly attacked by a group of Endermen without any provocation, and later meets a cowardly inventor named Red Stone. Red used to live in the main city for players, but it is now destroyed by the enderdragon that somehow got into the Overworld. They soon learn that all of the chaos is caused by the mighty Endermaster, usurper emperor of The End. Together with an additional ally, Shadow, they try to stop the Endermaster and restore order to the world.

They are later joined by three mobs, Click-Clack, Nobraynes, and Boom. They hate the Endermen too, since the Endermen attack other monsters as well as humans. The group ventures to other places, safe from the Endermen and meet new people. Hardships are faced however, but the group carries on and goes after valuable materials in hopes of standing a good chance, along the way, they face losses and end up going into the Nether where they come across an unlikely ally, who wants to help them, to hopefully win the war and restore peace to the overworld.

Characters and Episodes

Main Characters

  • Colin - The main protagonist.
  • Porkey† - The deuteragonist, Colin's pet and trusted friend.
  • Red - The tritagonist, a cowardly inventor.
  • Shadow - The tetartagonist, a half-enderman assassin.
  • Click-Clack - A skilled skeleton archer and comic relief character.
  • Nobraynes - A dumb zombie and comic relief character.
  • The Endermaster - The main antagonist, a powerful emperor that controls all the endermen and the enderdragon.

Supporting Characters

  • Endreai† - The quaternary antagonist, the Endermaster's blockheaded general and former friend.
  • The Triplets - The quinary antagonists, three cunning enderman siblings.
  • Wrecker - The secondary antagonist, a dangerous, incredibly strong and sadistic enderman captain.
  • The Crazy Witch - A witch that helped the group in one episode and gave them a nearly incomprehensible prediction about the future.
  • Boom† - A friend of Click-Clack and Nobraynes that died shortly after his initial appearance.
  • Endaria - The tertiary antagonist, the Enderdragon daughter of the Endermaster.
  • Rebel Leader† - The leader of the Rebellion city.
  • Katie - One of the rebels in the Rebel City and was a supporting character for most of Episode 13, but eventually joins the Endermen and becomes an Antagonist.
  • Decay - The supposed leader of the nether dimension and plans to plunge the overworld into hell. He is also an unlikely ally for the human group when they want to fight the Endermaster.


Note: Episodes 1-6 are considered uncanon.

  • 2012
  • Episode 1 - The Beginning of the End: Colin is attacked by Endreai and his endermen.
  • Episode 2 - The Dark LordThe Endermaster is revealed, Red joins the group and Colin's house is destroyed.
  • Episode 3 - A New Ally: Shadow joins the group.
  • Episode 4 - A Poisonous Conversion: The Endermaster tries to turn Shadow into an Enderman using a potion, but seems to fail.
  • Episode 5 - A Creepy Chase: The group finds a map that shows the way to the rebellion city. It is stolen by the triplets and a pack of bribed creepers. Shadow is reacting to the potion and leaves the group, passing out shortly after this.
  • 2013
  • Episode 6 - Shadow's Identity Crisis: Wrecker finds and tries to kill the group with his troop of endermen, but fails when they are saved by Shadow in his enderman form. Colin falls into a trap together with Porkey and Red is kidnapped by Click-Clack, Nobraynes and Boom.
  • Episode 7 - WitchcraftClick-Clack, Nobraynes and Boom joins the group, Shadow is cured by the witch and she tells them her prophecy. Boom kills himself when protecting Nobraynes from the triplets that kidnaps the witch.
  • Episode 8 - All Aboard!: The group finds a ship that the endermen planned to use to attack the rebellion city located in the ocean. They steal the ship, but Wrecker manages to get onboard with them. Meanwhile, Endreai and his endermen follows them with another ship.
  • Episode 9 - Naval Battle: Wrecker fails from an attempt to murder Red. Soon, the group is attacked by Endreai's other ship, causing both sides to battle, which ends up sinking both ships. Endreai is burned to death by the Endermaster and Wrecker is promoted in Endreai's place.
  • 2014
  • Episode 10 - Calm Before the StormThe heroes make it to the rebel city. Colin learns why the rebel leader hates enderman. Meanwhile, Wrecker and Endaria attempt to get to the rebel base.
  • Episode 11 - Here Be Dragons: Endaria reaches the rebel city. Fortunately, she is defeated by Red in a large robot. She is teleported back to the End, only to face her very displeased father. The Endermaster then has a flashback of about a week before he turned into The Endermaster, and when he first went into the End. The episode ends with Wrecker finally reaching the city.
  • 2015
  • Episode 12 - Under Siege: The city turns into a battleground between the rebels and the endermen, with each side trying to outlast the other. As the battle continues, the endermen slowly gain the upper hand and more rebels begin to fall. Porkey is slain, and the others are forced to flee from the island. The battle ends with the rebel city destroyed and many rebels died, brutally.
  • 2016+
  • Episode 13 - Unfinished Work: Unfortunately only 9 and a half mins of Animation Work and a mostly partial complete script for Episode 13 exists but it still shows what would have happened. Pretty much the human group ends up going underground which they stumble upon Abandoned Mineshafts and are hunted down by Wrecker and his group of Endermen.
  • Episode 14+ - Rest of the Plot: On July 2, 2021 Willcraft released the plot to the rest of Endventures due to him discontinuing it years ago, it isn't perfect though as he forgot some parts of it and it was hard to keep track of what iteration of the plot he would have gone far because of mental rewrites. Willcraft would also animate a minecraft animation for a final time in August 2017, where he animated a very small portion of The Endermaster's flashback in the Griefer Shadowland.

​Errors in the Series

Willcraft took a break with Endventures after Episode 5, thinking that the animation and story was bad. Some of the major mistakes in the series are:

  • Colin found a book about the Endermaster in his newly built house, before anyone knew about the Endermaster.
  • The Endermaster was often observing the group. He shouldn't care that much about them, and in later episodes he doesn't even seem to know that they exist, apart from when Shadow was mentioned in Episode 7. But since then he only talked about them when telling Endreai how to take the ship back from them in Episode 8. The Endermaster also acted quite differently compared to Episodes 8-13 as he was more childish and more enthusiastic.
  • Shadow's "Spin-like-hell-move" in early episodes. The only reason Willcraft ever included that was because he was too lazy to animate an actual fight, and it was also advanced and time-taking.
  • Endreai being stupid and incompetent. He was supposed to have been an actual threat, but that disappeared somewhere. Later, Wrecker was introduced as the threatening enderman character.
  • The ending in Episode 6 can be considered a bit inconsistent with Episode 7 because Shadow just having exited his Enderman form just stands there and there's no explanation as to how he winds up being behind Colin and Porkey during Episode 7.
  • When Willcraft reflected on Endventures in his closure video, he explained that Endventures was originally a massive idea that was to feature a lot of things that were out of his reach and he also made the mistake of instead of starting smaller upon realizing how out of reach that scope was he shrunk the size of the scope down until it barely resembled it's self, he took lots of shortcuts when animating, poorly video editing the animations, and also changing direction of the series multiple times which retconned a lot of things in previous episodes. He wanted to write Nobrayanes and Click-Clack better as comic relief characters, do more with Katie in the story, and also give the Endermaster a better motivation for why he hates humans. He said he would like to rewrite the entire series and do it all over again, but at this point it's too late for that.

Other Errors

  • In all of Endreai's appearances, he has a pink helmet and chest plate. But in Episode 6, he has only a diamond chest plate.
  • During the course of the series, Endreai's armor constantly changes, switching from iron, to diamond, etc.
  • Due to different video editing programs being used throughout the series, it meant certain episodes sounded different compared to others. Like Episode 7 was made in Window Live Movie Maker so there were less sounds for the Animation and this also applied to Episode 6 and below.


  • Click-Clack, Nobraynes and Boom were originally supposed to bring the group to a monster tavern, where they would get help from all the monsters there. However that was changed, and instead they were the only ones to join them.
  • Endventures was planned long before it was actually made. Willcraft decided to bring the idea to life when he discovered Mine-imator, and the series has gone through many, many changes in the story. In one version Colin was supposed to live in the main city and have a family, and the Endermaster was going to be less powerful but able to travel into The Overworld. He would then have been riding the enderdragon most of the time. Characters like Shadow and Click-Clack wouldn't have existed either; the only ones that has been there from start is Colin, the Endermaster, Porkey, Endreai and Red (who was going to be Colin's brother).
  • Endventures was supposed to be the main series on Willcraft Animations, but instead Monster School became the well-known series other than it.
  • Willcraft stated on his discord server that the main reason Endventures's concept sprung up was "Wouldn't it be scary if endermen, being arguably the toughest non-boss mob, WEREN'T neutral and organized themselves?" Willcraft did state however, due to his impatience in making elaborate fight scenes, that it made it look like one side was a pushover compared to the other and made that concept look like nothing.
  • Willcraft stated after Episode 6 that he planned to make a recap video that explained the events of Episode 1-5, though with necessary changes to the story so it flows well with Episode 6-7. Willcraft also said he planned to combine some episodes into a mini movie, both of the planned videos never came into foliation sadly. After Episode 12 released, Willcraft did say in some comments that he planned to remake Episodes 1-5 so that way a more cohesive story could be made, ultimately Willcraft quit Minecraft Animation before he planned to make them though. Although someone would start remaking the episodes himself under permission from Willcraft in 2021, aswell as doing Episode 6 too. This person will also animate the rest of Episode 13 and the series based of the script Willcraft gave out out.
  • Endventures has been on major hiatus for about 5 years now, In January 2016, Willcraft uploaded a now unlisted video that requested a voice actor for Click-Clack and also stated that Episode 13 had 7 mins of Animation work. Although Willcraft said pretty much all Minecraft content would stop in his 2016 Halloween Update video, he excluded Endventures from it and did say it would be worked on. Willcraft would try to work on the Episode throughout 2017 and also made a post on the Mineimator forums in August, but nothing more really came. The last we heard from him about the state of the series was sometime in 2018 when he said he would do it eventually, sadly that would never happen. Decay, an antagonist in the Wither King video was planned to appear later in the series and does have the role of helping the group fight the Endermen. Willcraft did end up revealing a lot of unknown info about Endventures on July 2, 2021. He showed off the animation work he did for Endventures Episode 13 and a small portion of animation work for Episode 14. He also showed off the plot for the rest of the series, this was because he made the video in the first place for his own sake mainly so he can have the closure to move on the new projects without dwelling into his past projects too much.