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Here Be Dragons is the 11th episode of the series Endventures. It includes Colin and Porkey's meeting, Endaria's Wreck, the Endermaster's backstory, and Wrecker's arrival.


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Backstory of Colin and Porkey

Colin and Katie were talking in the walls, while 2 villagers were fighting for a trade. Here, Colin told Katie about Porkey's backstory. Colin was walking one day when he stumbled on a piglet. Colin pitied the orphaned pig and raised it as a pet. Ever since then, they were best friends.

Endaria's Arrival

Red was fixing his robot when Endaria arrived. He claims that it is not finished, but it worked when Endaria fought. They fought without any rules, but when the TNT Cannon failed, Red escaped and the robot blew into pieces. Many thought about Red, but actually, he must've left the cannon to the experts. He mentioned Ugocraft along the way.

Backstory of The Endermaster

Endaria arrived back at the Endermaster's castle and told Endermaster about her failure. Because of that, he told her about the history of him. He bought an Ender Crystal for some emeralds. He experimented with it, thinking that it could produce healing to humans as well, and a villager gave another deal to him. He accepted, and poured some liquid to it. It shot Endreai, and he became faster. He poured more, and a weird thing happened. Herobrine appeared, and the camera (the screen) couldn't see what was going on. Both disappeared, and Endreai wondered where he went.

Still in the backstory, Endermaster saw himself being in the End. He challenged the Ender Dragon, and invented the Enderblade along the way. He shot him, killing the dragon. He tried going back to the Overworld, but cannot. The endermen worried about their deceased queen, then the Endermaster became their king, with Endreai being his general. The king tried to hatch the egg, but Endreai said that the egg was unhatchable, but Endaria hatched and cut the general. She learned things along the way, and obeyed the king.

After the Backstory

Wrecker finally got to the city by moving the 2 dirt blocks, which became grass blocks, to each other. He destroyed the torches, and commanded the endermen to raid the city. They did.

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