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Here Be Dragons is the 11th episode of the series Endventures. It includes Colin and Porkey's meeting, Endaria's Wreck, the Endermaster's backstory, and Wrecker's arrival. It had a rough production cycle for a number of complications like moving the project over to Mine-imator 1.0.0 Demo versions and so on.


The episode begins with Katie finding Colin and Porkey on the top of the rebel city's walls. She tells Colin if Porkey is his pig, and Colin tells her that it is his pig. Katie touches Porkey as he calls him cute, but Porkey attacks and knocks her to the ground. Colin apologizes to her as Porkey is a battle pig. While Katie doesn't understand what a battle pig is, two villagers fight for a trade. Here, Colin told Katie about Porkey's backstory.

Colin woke up in the middle of the forest having no memory of where he was from nor his family. He decided to punch a tree, make tools and live in the forest until one day he found Porkey, he asked Porkey where were his parents but unfortunately he didn't have a family either. Colin adopted him and then found out he wasn't any ordinary pig. Once he got older, he told Colin that he was a battle pig. Katie interrupts his story and says that pigs can't talk, but Colin tells her that she needs to understand what he is saying. Back to the backstory, Colin has been best friends with Porkey since then and didn't know there were any humans until he met Red before getting dragged into this war. He concludes his backstory by saying that if it wasn't for Porkey, he would probably be dead by now. After the backstory, he now needs to get Porkey something to eat.

Somewhere in the city, Click-Clack and Nobraynes get chased by the iron golem and hide inside a tower. Click-Clack tells Nobraynes to not make sounds, but the iron golem found them and Nobraynes wants to play hide-and-seek with the iron golem.

Red is fixing his robot when a rebel comes in and tells him that they did everything he asked to do. Red tells her that the TNT cannon is almost complete and that it would be left to a professional since a single ignited TNT can destroy the entire contraption. Then Endaria in her dragon form arrives to attack the city. Colin sees the dragon and hopes Red finished. When the same rebel warns him about the dragon arriving, Red claims that it is not finished, but the rebel doubt that she could care. Then Red decides to get everyone out of the machine.

The robot, which is operated by Red, emerges from the water and begins to fight the ender dragon. In the middle of the fight, the robot sends the ender dragon diving into the water. While underwater, the Endermaster tells Endaria that the machine is made of blocks and can destroy the machine by flying through it, but tells him she is not strong enough. The ender dragon comes out of the water and the robot continues to fight it, but when the TNT Cannon failed, the ender dragon rips the arm from the robot and ignites the TNT inside it with its breath. Red hears the TNT and escapes the robot through the window as it blows up into pieces.

As the rebels take cover, the rebel leader says that he has ran away from the dragon once and would not repeat the same mistake. He grabs his war axe and prepares to fight it, but the ender dragon eats him alive. Then the ender dragon is teleported back to the End and the rebel leader dives into the water. Red, who is also in the water, tells the rebel leader if he did that, but the rebel leader comes out of the water and tells him that he did not, but instead was lucky, and called his machine impressive. Shadow declares the city safe before Colin tells him if the ender dragon would come back, and Shadow tells him that it possibly could come back, but not anytime soon.

The rebels celebrate the heroes as Colin tells Red the great work he has done with the robot, and Red mentioned Ugocraft along the way. Click-Clack tells them that he and Nobraynes are stuck on top of the tower, but Colin tells them that since they don't sleep, they can stay up there and guard the city, to which Click-Clack agrees.

Back in the Endermaster's castle, Endaria told the Endermaster about her failure. Enraged, the Endermaster punches her. He tells her that she lied to him since she said she was ready but was not and that his champion has been defeated by a toy, now thinking the rebels are laughing at him. Enraged even more, he tells her to get out of his sight, and Endaria leaves. He teleports back to his throne and begins to remember his backstory.

A long time ago, the Endermaster was a human scientist that lived in an NPC village when one foggy day, a random villager offered him to buy an end crystal for 22 emeralds. Then his friend Endreai (as a normal enderman) teleports to his house and shows him the end crystal. He wanted to use the end crystal to heal humans, so he began experimenting with it. 4 days later, he is still not done experimenting, which worries Endreai. The villager from earlier gives another deal to him, and accepts it. The villager who gave him the deals is revealed to be one of Herobrine's minions.

Back inside, Endreai warns him that he's not going to use that and if anyone could do this, it would be him and not some random villager. The human scientist tells him that he needs to try, and poured some liquid to it. Endreai tells him that pouring liquid in the end crystal will not work, but an electrical beam shoots him. The human scientist tells him if he's alright, before he became faster. The human scientist realizes that the end crystal gives super speed from one single drop, to which Endreai knows that it would be useful when teleporting. He wondered what happens if he added all of it, so he poured more, but the end crystal begins to act strangely and explodes, pinning the human scientist to the wall. Endreai tries to save him, but his arms get separated from his body, followed by his legs, dropping him to the floor. The end crystal explodes, and the human scientist, who now has black skin, falls to the floor. Herobrine appears, and Endreai tells him to help him, but realizes that Herobrine is not real when he glitches out. The human scientist disappears, and Endreai watches helplessly. Herobrine disappears, and Endreai threatens to bite Herobrine's legs off if he does not bring back his friend.

The human saw himself being in the End. Endreai found him, but saw him with black skin. He tells him where he has been, and Endreai told him that he was looking for him. When he saw the ender dragon, he challenged it, and invented the endblade along the way. He shot her, killing the dragon. He tried going back to his house in the overworld, but cannot. The endermen are now worried about their deceased queen, before the human made them their leader and would now be referred to as the Endermaster, kills one of the endermen for refusing to serve him, and making Endreai being his general.

Years later, Endreai (now with a pink helmet and chestplate) tells the Endermaster that the other endermen are leaving the End to go to the overworld. The Endermaster holds the dragon egg and wants the egg to be hatched. Endreai told him that the egg was unhatchable, but Endaria hatched and cut the general. Over the years, he takes care of Endaria, and gives her the ability to become a human.

More years later, Endreai told the Endermaster if something was wrong. The Endermaster tells him that he has spend 50 years in the End and cannot stop thinking about the overworld. Endreai tells him that he can't go back to the overworld and even if he could, he doubt the humans would accept him. He tells him that once he is able to travel to the overworld, it will be under his control and told him to kill any humans on sight,

With Endreai gone, the Endermaster has plans to live with Endaria in the overworld once it is in his grasp, but can't take her in her human form before all the humans are under his control and can only remain in her dragon form for a limited time outside the End, and would never be able to forgive himself if anything happened to her. Back to the present, the Endermaster knew what he did to her was a little strict this time.

Wrecker has arrived to the rebel city by moving the 2 dirt blocks, which became grass blocks, to each other. Once he stepped foot on the shores of the island, he destroys the torches. Click-Clack and Nobraynes are observing the moon from the tower when Nobraynes tells Click-Clack to help these endermen to shoot the moon. Click-Clack looks down to see that the endermen are entering the city, so he gets Nobraynes to warn the others. Nobraynes warned the others who where asleep underground, but Red did not understand what he said, so Colin told him that they should check the surface. When they come up to the surface, they find that the city is being attacked and Wrecker commanded the endermen to raid the city, ending the episode.


Story and Animation: Willcraft Animations

Colin: thearthland

Red: LilCrackling

Shadow: Minemc Vg

Click-Clack: DismountArts

Nobraynes: Ruhan Qureshi

The Endermaster: Max Mucha

Endaria: Nightendoesgaming

Rebel Leader: Carson Dickey (predatorI)

Katie: witchcrafty809

Rebel: Georgia Bate

Villager: Anonymous

Behind The Scenes


On June 17, 2014, Willcraft would upload a preview video for Endventures Episode 11. At the time, production had slowed down and come to a halt since Willcraft's old computer broke down which meant he lost nearly all the previous Endventure Episodes's project files including sets and skins, and so had to recreate most assets on the new computer he had, and he also couldn't really work during summer due to going on trips. The new 1.0.0 Mine-imator versions at the time, while powerful and greater than what came before it, suffered from a number of issues like not being able to save projects on occasion and not be able to export them to video files which halted Willcraft's progress even more. Willcraft's new computer didn't have Sony Vegas, so he had to use a cheap screen recorder which is why the video looks terrible. This preview showcases an earlier version of the Endermaster's flashback where there was no dialogue yet and some particle effects were different, it also showcases some of the village set that was used and is unseen in the animation its self. This video has since been unlisted and can only be viewed in his unlisted videos playlist.