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Naval Battle is the 9th episode of Endventures, and the first Endventures episode to feature actual voices for the characters.


The episode begins with Wrecker about to slit Red's throat, but Click-Clack walks downstairs to tell Red that Nobraynes fell overboard right when he's about to kill Red. Wrecker spots Click-Clack and slashes Red anyway before being hit in the right eye by an arrow, causing him to lose that eye. Wrecker teleports behind Click-Clack and smashes him before proceeding to kill Red, who is still alive, but is knocked away by Shadow. The two engage in a fight until Wrecker is stabbed in the chest, causing purple blood to pour out of his chest, and he is forced to retreat. Colin goes downstairs and asks what happened, and takes a healing potion from Click-Clack and hands it over to Shadow to heal Red's injuries. Red wakes up and is told that it wasn't a dream he just experienced, and the group proceeds to sleep above-deck, with Shadow telling Red to not sleep downstairs alone. Red then rants about how he doesn't want to set his foot on the ship's lower deck again unless he has to. When they are above-deck, Click-Clack tells them that they need to wait for Nobraynes, but it is too late as the humans sleep. Click-Clack looks down to see Nobraynes swimming in the water before he goes to sleep on the pole of the ship's mast.

It is morning and the heroes have begun to rose from their sleep. Red fishes Nobraynes out of the water and Colin removes a squid from the zombie's head, before the zombie points at an enemy ship behind them, which belongs to Endreai and his troop of endermen. After quickly debating series of scenarios, the group decides to attack the ship to buy the rebels some time before an endermen invasion occurs. The two ships circle around each other and begin commencing fire at each other, with the heroes' first round missing and an enderman cannon blast knocking a mast off. Click-Clack quickly kills a teasing enderman during this. Shadow boards the enderman ship and begins to make quick work of them, but not before both ships take severe damage on their hulls and sink. When the endermen see their ship sinking, they realize that their master is not going to like this, while the heroes are on top of the mast of their sinking ship. Click-Clack wonders if it could have gotten worse, but there is no response from his allies. When he asks if they are up for some sing-along, Colin drops a small boat in the water and the heroes quickly jump off their ship's mast.

Endreai teleports to the Endermaster's castle, where he once again tells the Endermaster about his failure. The Endermaster tells him that he has lost the element of surprise because of him and since he broke both of the ships, the humans will have enough time to prepare for battle. Endreai begs the Endermaster about his failure, but the Endermaster reminds him what he said to him before he left. After Endreai agrees to what he said before leaving, the Endermaster tells him that he will replaced as General due to his failures by firing him. Endreai pleads to him to give him one more chance, but the Endermaster uses his fire ability on Endreai, and he is burned to death, leaving his dead body behind.

The Endermaster then demands that Wrecker should come to his presence. Wrecker is seen being bandaged by a white "enderman", which is considered female since he called her "woman" while she was bandaging his wounds. Wrecker reports to the Endermaster after one of the Endermaster's guards tells him to, but not before Wrecker mutters an insult about them. The Endermaster promotes Wrecker to Endreai's former position. Wrecker is honored for being general but wondered what happened to Endreai. The Endermaster tells him that he is standing on what is left of him, which reveals Endreai's dead body. Wrecker wondered why the floor felt strange and offers him to gives him an obsidian helmet before the Endermaster orders Wrecker to leave, as his daughter was approaching.

The Endermaster asks his daughter if she is ready for an another attack in the overworld, but she tells him that she is not ready, and the Endermaster reminds her (who is named Endaria) who has taken care of her. Endaria asks him if she could just teleport to the overworld in her human form, but the Endermaster rejects her request, indicating that she is too weak in her human form and would be able to do as much damage to the city, and might even get killed, so he expects her to be ready to her travel to the overworld.

Elsewhere, the heroes, all crowded on the small boat, can be seen approaching the rebel city before the credits roll.


Story and Animation - Willcraft Animations

Colin - thearthland

Red - LilCrackling

Shadow - Minemc Vg

Click-Clack - Elijah Taylor

Nobraynes - Ruhan Qureshi

The Endermaster - Max Mucha

Endaria - Nightendoesgaming