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The Beginning of The End is the 1st episode of the series, Endventures.

It is currently considered non-canon.


The episode begins with a group of endermen lurking in a forest. One of the endermen asks if they can kill the human, but their leader, (distinguished by a glowing purple chestplate and helmet), insists that they don't so to see how to get to the main city. The same enderman that asked the question remarks they wouldn't need to get information if the leader hadn't lost the map. Another enderman recommends that they get their information by force. The leader approves and walks up to the sleeping human, waking him up from a nap. He demands from the human where the main city location is. When the human claims he doesn't know anything about a "main city," the enderman says he's lying. The human insists he doesn't, but remarks he wouldn't tell the enderman even if he did.

The armored enderman threatens the human, leading to a pig watching the entire conversation stepping in front of the human to defend him. Endreai belittles the pig, and it leaps onto him, hitting him repeatedly. After the pig jumps away, the enderman gives the command for his group to attack them, but they're overpowered by the pig and the human despite their superior weapons and teleportation abilities. The human demands from the weakened enderman leader who his superior is, but the enderman teleports away.

Meanwhile in the End...

The enderman from before teleports to the End, where he tells his master that he has failed his mission. His said master asks if they weren't able to conquer the main city, with the enderman responding that he and his party were defeated before getting anywhere near the city. The enderman's superior asks who defeated them, and is enraged to find that they were defeated by a mere human and pig. He says to the enderman that he'll send him back with a larger force. When the enderman asks about the human, his master assures him that the human will suffer.



Animator: Willcraft

Animation Software: Mine-Imator

Voices: Willcraft

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