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Nobraynes learns a 'new word' (Comedy) by Kclar228 (WARNING: swearing)

Nobraynes carried a huge garbage bag full of rubbish, he was carrying it to be dispose of in a garbage bin. Once he made it to the outside bin, he threw the trash in it like a basketball going through a hoop. Nobraynes look at the bin to find some writing on it, graffiti to be precise. He look down at it, he was lucky that Redstone taught the zombie how to read.

"Colin is such a horrible dude," Nobraynes read and he pull a confuse face "No he not, Colin is noice!"

He found another one, which he thought it was unfinished.

"Wrecker sucks..." Nobraynes wrote under the grime "Hambuagers". 

Nobraynes laugh to himself for a short minute and then he stop when he saw another piece of graffiti,  he look at it and it seems interesting and new.

"The Endermaster is a ...hm?" Nobraynes got stuck at the last word. "The Endermaster is a..what?" Nobraynes squinted his eyes, looking at the word and he try to pronounce it.

"The Endermaster is a F*ck head" he read it, he heard someone coughing next to him, he look to find Wrecker. He seem to look highly insulted.

"Do you KISS your MOTHER with that MOUTH?" he ask as he teleport off angrily.

"Actually, me no have muther," Nobraynes reply just as Wrecker disappeared.

Click-clack came walking outside, he shut the door behind him. Click-clack look at Nobraynes and smiled, he walk towards the happy-go-lucky zombiee.

"Hey Nobraynes," Click-clack said, Nobraynes turn around to look at him. 

"Ello Click-clack!" Nobraynes greeted waving his hand at him. 

"What's up?"

"Do you no what word this means?" ask Nobraynes

Click-clack look at the word.

"The Endermaster?" he asked "Oh, it means he's da ruler of the end,"

"No, not dat word, dat word!" Nobraynes pointed to the word.

Click-clack look at it and read it aloud.

"F*ck?" he questioned.

Nobraynes nodded.

"Me not no what it means.." Nobraynes admitted.

Even Click-clack didn't know what it meant, He try to think of an good excuse of what it meant. Suddenly he got one.

"Maybe is a another word word for good manners," Click-clack suggested. Nobraynes perked up listening to him.

"Like, good evening F*ck, would like me to F*ck you?"

Nobraynes giggled.

"Me want to try, me want to try!" Nobraynes cheer jumping up and down "Why Click-clack, your hat looks F*ck!"

"Thanks for that Nobraynes, your shirt is...f*ck as well!"

The two chuckle and went back to the watch tower.

The next day, they both walk out of the tower to greet their friends.

Click-clack found Katie practicing her archery skills. She found Click-clack picking up his bow and arrows, she smiled happily.

"Morning Click-clack," Katie said happily. Click-clack stand next to her and shoot the bulls-eye, he was really good at archery unlike any-other skeleton.  Katie try shooting the target but missed. Click-clack pat her on the back and gave a short smile.

"Wow, Katie, that's f*ck." he said and Katie's face fell. She dropped her bow and arrows in shock horror.

"C-click-clack, d-did you just say-" she was interrupted by Nobraynes who went to greet her.

"Hi Katie, would you like me to f*ck you?" he asked, Katie walk back away from him. Nobraynes has his arms spread out, Click-clack smiled.

"Yea Nobraynes, go f*ck her!" he said "She had a bad day and f*ck at archery".

Katie looked disgusted, she scream when Nobraynes hugged her.

"Nobraynes..s-stop!" yell Katie in both disgust and anger, she push the zombie away. Making him stumble.

Click-clack look confuse of why Katie just did that to him.

"Katie, what's wrong?" ask Click-clack who went to help Nobraynes up. "Nobraynes only want to f*ck you."

"THAT'S what's wrong!" Katie yell "Click-clack, why are you and Nobraynes saying that."

"It means manners," Nobraynes smiled and they both walk off.

Katie was puzzled but disgusted.

"Those two will regret it.." she said to herself, continuing back to practice.

Redstone was working on his inventions, when he spotted the two heading their way.

"Hi Red," Click-clack and Nobraynes said in unison but  Redstone didn't heard them, all her heard was mumbling. He was too distracted on his inventions, his inventions were like his babies, some that weren't made were his unborn babies and some that are failed are stillbirths. 

"So Red, are you F*cking your inventions?" ask Click-clack. Redstone's eyes widen under his goggles. He definitely heard that.

He turn to look at Click-clack with his mouth agape. He was silence for a moment but then he finally coughed and spoken up.

"Click-clack..did you just said the...f word?" he asked and Click-clack nodded hastily as Nobraynes walk over to a microphone which was connected to the build in speakers that were in ever building in the whole city.

"Is this mic on?" Nobraynes asked Red who slowly nodded. "Good, because me want to give everyone f*cks!"

Red's eyes widen again as he was force to watch Nobraynes speaking into it.

"Ello Everyone, how's your f*cking morning, me just want to f*ck everyone for being here for us! Me first want to f*ck Rebel leader for keeping us F*cking safe!"

The rebel leader splat out his cereal.

"And me like to F*ck Colin for being a hero and he likes to give his pig a f*ck while he's asleep!"

Porkey punches Colin in the face.

"That's not true Porkey!" Colin try to convince him.

"Is it?" ask a nearby Villager, Colin sweat a bit and Porkey just oinked angrily.

"And me like to F*ck the Endermaster for f*cking all his Endermen!"

The Endermaster somehow heard this and all the Endermen turn to look at him with dirty looks, they walk off covering their crouches. Meanwhile Shadow was meditating in his bedroom.

"And lastly, Me like to F*ck Shadow for joining our team and becoming an awesome Enderman!"

Shadow stopped, what he heard was sick.  He thought he must of misheard it, so he gotten up and headed to Redstone's house which was next to him.

"Red, what's going on?" he ask as he enter his house.

Redstone glare at Click-clack and Nobraynes, he then reply.

"Those two..mobs, had just talk rubbish to everyone!" he yell "By saying ONE word that was forbidden in Minecraftia!"

"And that isss?"

Redstone whisper the word.

"What?" ask Shadow.

Redstone whisper it again.

Shadow gasped angrily and turn to look at the two mobs.

"Click-clack, Nobraynes! That is the most filthiest word i ever heard!"

"What do you mean Filthy?" ask Nobraynes.

"THAT word is a swear word! One of the most baddest swear words i ever heard," he explain.

The two look at each-other and gasped.

"SWEARWORDS?!" they screamed, the two then try to clean their mouths. Nobraynes wiping his tongue on Red's invention and Click-clack taking his head off and stuffing his mouth with a bar of pink soap.

"In fact, there's about 18 bad words,"

"Don't you mean 7?" corrected Redstone.

"Not if your an assassination!" Shadow said with a wink.

"Woow," said Nobraynes as he turn to look at Click-clack "That's a lot of f*cking words.."

Shadow walk over to the two dirty mouthed mobs.

"If i ever catch you two swearing your mouths off again, I'll punish you both!" Shadow warned, the mobs promise and walked off.

"Wow i'm glad Shadow told us those were swear words," said Click-clack sitting inside the watch tower with Nobraynes, They had a board game out. The game read 'Sliverfish and Stairs' (It's like snakes and ladders but Minecraft style).

"So would you like to play Nobraynes?"

"YES!" Nobraynes smile "Playing with Click-clack fun! Yay! Can me go first?" Nobraynes smiled, Click-clack nodded and he  also smiled.

Nobraynes rolled the die and got Stairs. He cheered and move his small character (a pink Enderman wearing a scarf) up the stairs. Click-clack nodded and roll his die but got...

"Sliverfish?" he groan, Click-clack move his piece (an blue Skeleton riding a horse) down the Sliverfish.

"Mai turn!" Nobraynes exclaim and he roll the die again. "YAY! Stairs!! UP UP UP ZE STAIRS!" Nobraynes said as he move his piece up another stairs again.

Click-clack grunted and picked up his die and rolls it.

"Come on, Stairs, stairs staaairs.." he said but then groan angrily. "AWW, Sliverfish?!" he move his piece down the sliverfish.

"Me next!" Nobraynes exclaim and he roll the die again. "YAY! Stairs!!" Nobraynes move his piece up the stairs and he cheered, then he frowned and look at Click-clack who seem annoyed.

"Sorry Click-clack, but if you get Sliverfishy, you lose." Nobraynes said as he pointed at a picture of the Sliverfish but however, it had huge bold Red letters reading 'You lose'. Click-clack growled in frustration as he shake the die harder and harder yelling: "STAIRS! STAIRS! STAIRS!!!"

Before finally throwing the die on the board, the die stopped on a picture of stairs. Click-clack laughed and cheered.

"STAIRS!" he exclaim but then his eyes widen when the die suddenly roll to a picture of a angry sliverfish with it's tongue sticking out. 

"Sl-iver-fishy," Nobraynes said slowly.

"AWW F*CK!" yell Click-clack in anger but then quickly covered his mouth.

Nobraynes gasped and pointed at Click-clack.

"You said a no no word!" he screamed in shock.

"No, Nobraynes, it was a huge mistake," Click-clack pleaded "Yea, it's just ALL a mistake, it just slipped out."

Nobraynes paused for a moment. Click-clack sighed in relief.

"ME TELLING SHADOW!!" yell Nobraynes running out of the door, Click-clack gasped and he quickly ran after him.

Click-clack chase him and panicked. He didn't wrong his best friend to tell Shadow that he had accidentally swear. He finally manage to caught up with him.

"Nobraynes please don't tell!" Click-clack begged, Nobraynes turn straight around to look at him.

"But you said f*ck!" Nobraynes said before quickly covering his mouth, Click-clack grinned.  Now the table had turn on him.

"Ha! You swear, now i'll tell Shadow!" Click-clack exclaim with a cheeky smirk before running past him.

Click-clack ran and laugh like an certain insane Enderman. He then stopped when he notice Nobraynes riding a Enderman who was running as well. Nobraynes chuckled as Click-clack turn to look at him in a stupefied way.

"See u at Shadow!" Nobraynes laughed but then he screamed when the Enderman teleported, along with Nobraynes.

Click-clack sighed with relief and he ran inside Shadow's house, interrupting his sword practice.

"SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW!" yell Click-clack, he sounded like a tattle tale child.

"Yea yea yea?" ask Shadow.

"Nobraynes Nobraynes Nobraynes!"

"What what what?"

"He said he said he SAID!"

"Click-clack..will you just tell me already?" ask Shadow impatiently. Click-clack blinked and then he nodded.

"Me and Nobraynes were playing Sliverfish and Stairs, then i got frustrated and he ran off then he..he-"

Just then the door slam open, it was Nobraynes but however he was wearing the Endermaster's clothes and crown. Nobraynes took them off and ran to Shadow.

"SHADOW SHADOW SHADOW!" Nobraynes screamed. Shadow sighed angrily.

The two started trying to tell their own side of the story but to Shadow, It sounded like jumble up words and mumbling. He couldn't make out what they were trying to tell him. Finally he had enough, he slapped both of their mouths shutting the pair up.

"Will you guys tell me one by one, what had happen?" he asked his eye twitchy. Click-clack and Nobraynes stopped, they went quiet for a bit. Then they both spoken up.

"He said F*ck!" they said in unison, Shadow cringed at the word and he gave them a filthy look.

"I warn you two but you didn't listen!" he said in anger, glaring at the two. "Now you'll both be punish.. follow me to my room now!" The two friends nervously nodded and followed Shadow. Nobraynes turn to look at his buddy in horror.

"Click-clack, me scared.." Nobraynes whimpered. Click-clack sighed.

"I'm scared too" Click-clack admitted "I don't even know what he's going to DO with us."

They watch as Shadow open his bedroom door, there in the middle of the room was a Bonsai. Shadow look at it proudly.

"You two will be helping me with my Bonsai," he said "By picking up the leafs i cut from it.." Shadow made his way to plant but just then he stub his toe on his blade. He yell in pain and start hopping on it.

"Ughh, son of a bi*ch!" he splat, Click-clack and Nobraynes eyes widen when they heard him yelling these strange...'slangs'.  They sounded like...bad words..swear words they realized, Click-clack began counting them. "You stupid C*nt!, why would you do that you f*ck head! You idiotic piece of sh*t! you little-"


Click-clack stopped counting and realize that he said all 18 bad words, there was only one thing to do.

"WERE telling Colin!" Click-clack said, Shadow's eyes widen.

"No! Please don't!" but it was too late, Click-clack and Nobraynes already ran off to tell on him.

And that's why we don't swear in Minecraft forks!

The end

Unlikely Team (Wolves) by TheAuroraWolf

Rating: PG Aurora sat on the large rock that protruded from her den, in the side of a mountain. She was basking in the sunlight, listening to... Silence. She took a deep breath, then opened her blazing amber eyes. Her grey pelt shone in the sunlight, the ball of fire to her left. This is why she enjoys dawn. The she-wolf lifted herself from the stone and started padding towards the stream at the base of the hill side, a decent eight paw-bounds (miles) away. She yawned, then stretched downwards to take a drink of fresh, sweet water from the stream.

Out of the corner of her eye, was a black figure, racing in odd directions, clamped in its jaws was a gleaming, long stick-like object. The creature itself was jet black, but the sunlight only made it lighten to a still-dull grey. The wolf's eyes seemed to be purple, or something similar. It had a strange object hanging on its head. It was clear of what caused it to dash; a pack of rouge wolves.

Aurora stood further down the wind, avoiding her scent from being noticed. She sniffed the winds, which blew from the wolves' area. Then a sharp, dusty scent hit her nose, which almost knocked her into the stream. It was the scent of 'Ender'. She knew immediately of which individual it was. It was the second-in-command of the great shape-shifting Endermaster, a creature strong enough to take down many with his bare strength alone. The black wolf she was looking at is Wrecker.

Aurora remembered the memories of the End, when the Endermaster gave her the 'deal'. It was a contract, of her service to the Endermaster, but in return, if he conquered the overworld, she and her allies will get a small portion. She accepted, but later, screwed the deal off. The Endermaster only replied that he MIGHT spare her, but he was still thinking whether or not.

Aurora watched from her distance, keeping an eye on Wrecker. She narrowed her eyes, looking at the darting wolves in a quarrel, swiping and slashing each other. Unfair advantage for the Ender wolf, as he was outnumbered. She questioned the skill of the one of the others, who was sloppy and tripped over itself. It stood up, before being knocked off its paws a third time.

"Noob. Learn to fight if you want to live!" Aurora whispered to herself. She held her head up, and proceeded to walk to the battle field. At this point, there were only two rouges left, as the other three fled into the forest.

Wrecker and an iron-armoured wolf were locked in the midst of battle, eyes locked on each other, predicting moves of the opponent. Aurora stood her distance and sat. The rouge reared up and with his iron sword, knocked Werecker to his side. Wrecker immediately regained composition, teleporting himself up, then teleporting yet again, only behind the player.

It was fine until Wrecker was slashed in the back right leg by one of the other players. He tumbled down to inspect the scrape, but was forced to make a manoeuvre when the player charged at him once again. The player was now above him, trying to bring the sword down, but instead, Wrecker pulled of a defence to prevent so. Wrecker teleported, but as he did so, he landed next to Aurora!

"Oh, looks like you would want to help an old ally out, would you?" Wrecker hissed mockingly into Aurora's erect ears. She looked at him, then looked at the players. She gave him a glare, then crouched down.

"Why not? I may have ripped the deal, but the Endermaster will at least appreciate my contributions!" Aurora replied, before swiftly charging into the fight, with her diamond sword in her jaws. Wrecker charged behind her, slightly delayed by the scratch on his hind leg. His endblade flashed in the sunlight, along with Aurora's enchanted blade emitting particles that flowed behind her.

The fight is resumed once again, but as Aurora crashed the player to the ground, she swapped her sword out. Instead, she reared up and bit down hard, and didn't let go of the squirming life below her. The player squealed, his fur prickling and on point. Aurora stayed there for a few moments, then retracted, blood staining her teeth.

"Wow. Never seen anyone do that move before. Master would just use the blade's edge... Like me." Wrecker teased, impressed at Aurora's sudden ferocity. He started to inspect the blade the players used against him, then stashed it away.

"I'm not weak, Wrecker. You saw the damage on that rouge, next, it'll be you." Aurora insisted, baring her bloody teeth.

"Hah. The blade is a LOT better." Wrecker remarked, facing the grey and blue she wolf.

"Swords are for the weak. I prefer using your own claws and teeth." Aurora snarled, licking away the blood on her paws and snout, "I only joined in when you were so desperate. Don't drag me into your business. If I was in the Endermaster's clan, I would have been higher than you are."

Wrecker started to grin creepily, before narrowing his purple eyes, "Oh no, not at all. The only rank above me is the master himself. You can sit under my command."

"Or I would replace you as General. Better work, as you came running for help like a coward," Aurora spat, before trotting away, "oh yes, and also...

We make a very good team."

Click-clack dials 'E' for the Endernet (Comedy) By Kclar228

"Click-Claaaaaaaaaaaack!" scream a child-like voice, Click-clack groan angrily and walk into his and Nobraynes' bedroom. The group had agreed on Redstone's plan of buying computers to connect to each-other if their somewhere else.

After lunch Nobraynes decided to go on Click-clack's computer in his room but he seem to be having trouble with something.

"What's up Nobraynes?" ask Click-clack in a more annoyed tone.

Nobraynes turn to look at Click-clack while pressing on all the keyboard's buttons, hoping that something might work.

"Me can't connect to the Endernet!" Nobraynes whined picking up a cookie and chewing on it. Click-clack sighed heavily, he wished that Redstone could have suggested a better broadband than The Endernet.

"I'll call Customer service.." he sighed before walking out of the room and shutting the door. Click-clack picked up the phone and look in his phone book, he look through the letter 'E' section for their phone number.

"The Endstone repairs," he read through it, very annoyed how many 'The Ends' there are. "The End of the world solution, The Endermen's nook- Ahh! Finally!" he had found it, he pointed his bony finger on the number and begin dialing.

He waited for someone to pick up and finally someone did. But, it wasn't a person or at least a mob. It was one of those annoying robot operators.

"Thank you for calling The Endernet," said the operator in a high pitch tone "If you're liking our service, press one or, if you calling to tell us your hating our service please hang up, or, if you're calling to tell us that your having problem connecting, please press two now."

Click-clack rolled his eyes and press two.

"You had press two. One moment please!"

The sound of elevator music played at the other end of the song. Click-clack angrily growl quietly as he waited for the operator to come back on. Finally, she was back on.

"It seem that your lights are on, if you're still having problems to connect please say 'can't connect', or If you're an idiot and you forgot to turn it on, please say 'I'm a stupid skeleton that don't kno-"

"Can't Connect!" Click-clack interrupted the robot, this was getting to his nerves.

"You just said 'Can't connect'. If you want to speak to a real person, press one or-"

Click-clack angrily dial one.

"Fine!" said the robot angrily "DON'T let me finish, i hope you're happy now that i'm connecting you to someone else other than ME!"

Elevator music play again, Click-clack feels like throwing the phone out of the window. He have to wait for an hour for someone to finally answer.

"Thank you for choosing The Endernet," said a low grumpy male voice. "My name is Wrecker, how can i bloody help you?"

Click-clack blinked once and then sighed angrily.

"Hi, i'm uhh, having problems with my internet.. it won't connect to your service." Click-clack explained, trying not to sound rude. He could hear typing sounds from the other end of his phone.

"It seems your internet, 'The Endernet' is connected. Is it plug in?" he asked.

Click-clack frowned and shook his head.

"Hang on." he told the person on the phone.

He walk into his room where Nobraynes was still trying to get it working, making sure if the broadband had been connected in. He checked the plugs, wires and the lights.

He finally comes back to the phone.

"Yes, i just checked.." Click-clack said lowly.

More typing was heard again.

"I could get a social worker out in about...two months? And-"

Click-clack hanged up, not letting him finish. He walk into his bedroom to find Nobraynes hitting the screen with his fist.

"Nobraynes!" Click-clack said lowly "The Endernet is down for further notice today."

Nobraynes groan sadly and got off his chair, he went out of the room to play outside.

The End

End it all (Grimdark/AU/Sad) By KclarDaHooman

Chapter 1 -


The world of Minecraftia, the land of blocks and a world full of people called Minecraftians who love to craft, build, fight and explore. But they weren't the only people living in this world, we have animals, villagers and hostile mobs roaming the blocky like paradise.

Including Endermen who are currently are at war with the Minecraftians, wielding purple blades know as the Endblade, attacking innocent people and mobs without provoke. All because of the master of The End, The Endermaster.

But, there were a group of friends who are sworn to protect and end the war...the rebels. Leader Colin, Inventor Redstone, The half Enderman half Assassin Shadow, The gullible zombie Nobraynes, The excellent archer Click-clack and the young teenage archer Katie.

Together, their mission is to protect Minecraftia from Endermen attacks and defeat The Endermaster himself.

The rebels were currently collecting food for the rebel city, which was a small haven away from the current Enderman war. The city was currently guarded by iron golems, archers and sword wielding Minecraftians.

There was also a few villagers to help maintain the vegetation and washing the clothes.

Colin was a keeping his eyes clear for any Endermen, Click-Clack scanned the area with bow and arrows while Shadow was stalking through the bushes quietly for any Enderen spying on them or planning a surprise attack.

Colin turn to the rest of the group, Redstone was picking mushrooms and making sure their not the poisons one by reading a guide book plants, fruits and vegetation in Minecraftia while Katie and Nobraynes were picking berries and apples.

Katie and Nobraynes couldn't help their selves but to take sneaky bites from the basket of fresh wild berries, they get scolded by Redstone who also decided to take a few berries; making his friends laugh.

Colin gave a smile before he suddenly turn sharply when he heard rustling coming from the bushes, there he saw a tall shadowy figure appearing from the bushes 

"Enderman.." Colin whispered to himself through breathes, he pulled his diamond sword out ready to strike at the foul creature.

The Enderman pounce from the bushes and the green T-shirt wearing human charged at it. He didn't heard his group yelling and screaming at him, all he heard was the angry roars and growls of the Enderman, he jumped in the air and bring his blade at the skinny black monster-

SLASH! Thump!

There was a soft squishy thump, and the sound of utter silence.. Colin panted slightly and turn to the group who seem to utterly shock, horrified and scared, Shadow's eyes were widen, Redstone took a step back from Colin, Click-clack turn his head away, Katie screamed bloody murder as she and Nobraynes sobbed.

Colin was extremely confused. Why were they upset? He killed an Enderman didn't he? Endermen are always trying to kill them, why would they fear Colin for killing it?

He looked at his hands and notice they weren't covered in dark purple blood but dark red, horrified, he quickly turn to the Enderman and screamed.

It wasn't a Enderman he murdered but a...male Minecraftian appeared in his 30's, his body had been cut in half, his mouth agape as if he was silently screaming and his intestines spilled. Colin was even more confused, he swore he was an Enderman.. The pink glowing eyes, the long black scaley body..where did it go?

"What did you do!?" Screamed Redstone in horror, finally taking a step forward.

"I-i swear I thought he's an Enderman.. He was charging towards u-us" 

"He wasn't Colin, he was a man crying for help, why did you kill him?"

"I didn't know!" Colin sat on the ground next to what remains of the poor man, he looked at his blood soaked blade before looking at the ground in shame. Tears peaking his eyes.

"We need to tell som one!" Nobraynes wailed with a squeak, "We need to tell Rebel leder"

"N-No!" Colin screamed, quickly stepping up to look at Nobraynes in the eyes. "We can't tell anyone, we just can't!"

He then stare back at the lifeless of the thirty year old man and bow his head sadly.

"I'm sorry..I am so sorry.."

"Colin, were suppose to keep people safe.. We aren't Endermen...well, I'm half Endermen" Shadow exclaimed.

"W..we killed hostile mobs" Colin tried to reason.

"That man wasn't a hostile mob, he's a Minecraftian just like you and i, this isn't an act of protection..this is a act of murder!" Click-Clack chimed in.

"But.. But.. The rebel leader will lock me away"

"If you just explained what happened-"

"Shut up!'

Colin paced, his foot prints making soft squelch squelch sounds when his shoes hit the green soft grass.

" He..he doesn't live in the rebel city.. No one will know he's even m-missing"

"Colin, that's not right!" Katie squeak.

"We are not telling" Colin says lowly, but Nobraynes started running into the forest. Colin knew where he was going so he turned to Click-clack and yelled:

"Stop him, Click-clack!"

Not wanting to disobey, he ran after the young zombie and grabbed him by his waist causing him to struggle.

"LET ME GO!" Nobraynes screamed "ME NEED TO TELL REBEL LEDER!"

"Wait! Just wait a second, we need to think of a plan.." That calmed Nobraynes down and he agreed to walk back to his group.

Colin looked at his blood soaked hands and then at slowly at his friends, tears finally falling from his emerald green eyes.

"I.. I sworn he was an Enderman... I sworn he was.." Colin whispered to himself, covering his eyes.

"Colin," Redstone said gently "We need to tell the rebel leader"  Colin was quiet for a moment, and then he looked right into Redstone's goggles.

"Shadow, Click-clack, you grab his lower half and me and Redstone will grab his upper part, we're throwing him into the sea.."

"WHAT!?!?" exclaimed Katie, Nobraynes and Redstone.

"Do not question me, just do it!" Redstone begrudgingly approached the man's arms trying not to vomit as he saw the innards strewn across the grassy floor.

Redstone lightly sobbed as he picked up his arm, Colin picked up the other and when he know that Shadow and Click-clack grabbed the legs, they headed out to the outer forest where their boat was.

Katie curled into a ball, sobbing as she stared wide eyed at the bloody grass patch, Nobraynes hugged Katie, saddened at what had happened today.

When Colin, Shadow, Click-clack and Redstone returned, they were all silence. Colin's eyes were wide with fear, Shadow stayed silence breathing softly, Click-clack bit his bony lips and Red wipe his tears away, succeed to wiping blood across his face.

Katie finally looked up at them, Nobraynes as well.

"Wot will we do?" Murmured Nobraynes with a sniffle.

Click-clack turned to Colin and he suddenly cringed, Colin notice this and furrowed his brow.

"What?"  Click-clack didn't want to say what, nor Shadow but Redstone shakily pointed at Colin's head, Colin curiously touched the top of his head and felt something moist and squishy. Grabbing the thing, he looked at it before throwing it to the ground screaming. It was a piece of fresh.

Colin sat on the ground, covering his eyes and shaking his head.

"We should at least tell a doctor.." Redstone suggested, again urging himself not to vomit, Colin shook his head.

"We are not telling anyone!" He shot his group a glare "Understand? Neither of you tell a SOUL!

"But Colin--!" Argued Click-clack but Colin held up his hand and covered his mouth.

"Alright, but could you at least tell them about your..condition" asked Redstone softly  "I should've seen this sooner, you been staying up every night and that must of what caused you to accidentally attack that human... Hallucinations I think.."

Colin sadly nodded, bowing his head letting tears fall from his eyes.

"You are is all clover in b...b.." Nobraynes says, not wanting to say the word, and he was for the first time correct. Since Click-clack, Redstone and Shadow helped disposed of the body, they each got covered in it.

"We can't go back looking like this" Colin said, pulling at his green shirt to see a big patch of crimson red on the fabric.

"We can clean our clothes in the river near the apple trees and wash our hands there" Redstone suggested.

Colin nodded, they all walked to the river except Katie who decided to stay with Nobraynes to make sure he doesn't wander off anywhere. Redstone carefully taken his brown coat, white shirt and pants off putting them in the river to clean, the others did the same.

Red, Colin and Click-clack (who was already in the river) went in as well, Shadow being half Enderman couldn't hop in. So he have to sit there waiting for coat to finish being washed.

As the three sat in the water, they each turn away as the water turned into a dull maroon color, Colin quickly look at his friends.

"You know I didn't mean it right?" He says quickly to the group who nodded.

"O-Of course Colin.." Redstone said softly. Finally their clothes were done and they put them out to dry, once dried  Redstone handed Shadow's clothing. He suspected his clothes and frowned.

"Oh no" Shadow said, pointing at the stains revealing that stains haven't came out all the way. Click-clack looked at his hat and sadly frown.

"And this is my best hat as well.." Click-clack says with a pout, putting it on.

"Let's just say we..got into a fight" suggested Colin, getting out of the water to pull his clothes back on, he inspected his blue jeans. "Though these are ruined.."

"We'll just get change when we get back to the city" Redstone said, getting dressed as well and putting his goggles back on. They all head back to Katie after they were dressed, Katie had been washing the blood from the berries and apples making sure not to miss a spot. But now they taste a bit like sea salt.

They all single file back to the boat, Colin in the back and his friends in the front, he looked back at the scene with wide eyes before turning away.

"Hello Friends" said a cheerful villager jovially, he was wearing a white frilly apron hanging and was out the clothes on the line. the group walked over, each trying to not look guilty while Nobraynes and Katie both were trying not to cry.

"Oh dear! You bought got your clothes dirty"

"E-e-endermen...a-a-attacked" Colin choked out.

"Why not you first delivered the food to the chef, get changed and I could those stains out for you" the cleaning villager suggested.

Colin exchange looks with Redstone, they both nodded heading straight to a chef to hand over the basket of food. He didn't say a word about the stains but just watched as they head back to their houses.

"He won't realize what the stains are, right?" Colin asked Redstone softly as he put on a new clean green shirt and went to pull up a pair of pants.

"I.. Don't know.." Redstone replied. After they were done, they bring the laundry to the villager before heading to Shadow's house to help with cleaning and trimming his bonsai, hoping it will keep their minds off about the tragedy.

The villager was about to throw their clothes into the washing machine along with stain remover, but something about the stains caught his eye. He rubbed at one on Colin's shirt but only felt fabric, it was not dirt. In fact, it looked like...

Curious, the villager took the clothes to Redstone's house. Luckily the door was unlocked so he could sneak inside and was able to thoroughly inspected the stains. To his surprise and mild horror, he found his suspicion was confirmed.

He knew that the group were always fighting Endermen but they never came back with human blood before, it was normally just purple blood stains.

"Uh, guys, what did you exactly do today?" Asked the villager when he entered Shadow's house.

"P-Picking berries?" Redstone said, and when they turned to look at him, they were horrified to see him holding up Colin's green shirt.

"What on Minecraftia happened to caused this?" The villager asked, pointing at the brown stain.

"Uh....well...you know... Endermen" Click-clack said, shrugging.

"But this is a lot of blood!" The villager exclaimed "Are you guys alright? Are you hurt?"

"Were fine!" Shadow, Colin, Redstone and Click-clack cried out but Katie's lips started trembling and Nobraynes was trying not to cry. The villager notices this and said in a soft voice.

"Katie, Nobraynes.. What happened?" Before the others could stop them, Katie started sobbing again and Nobraynes quickly hugged her tightly.

"Colin killed someone!" She wailed.

"Katie!" Colin gasped but when he saw the villager's expression, he started to panic. The villager was pale, staring at Colin with confused terror, unsure of what to say or do.  His desperation and fear overcame rationality, and in less than a second,  he ran at the villager shoving him to the floor.

"What are you doing?!" Shadow shouted, turning into a Enderman with green eyes and was trying to apprehend Colin who now had tears peaking his eyes.

"No one should know!" Colin yelled, struggling against the Enderman's grip. The villager never took his eyes off of the two of them, specifically Colin. He couldn't believe such a heroic Minecraftian, a swore protector could've taken a life.

Katie and Nobraynes were sitting on the couch, watching the scene go off and she started to cry.

"Colin, that villager didn't do anything!" Redstone yell as he Colin struggle against Shadow's grip "He was only scared, you need to get help before you snap even more!"

Colin noticed the villager starting to get up, intending to run and call for help. Once again, Colin acted without thinking, he pushed Shadow out of the way and rushed at the villager bringing out his diamond sword and slash at his leg. He yelled in agony as his leg was actually severed below the knee.

"COLIN!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" Screamed Redstone to the leader of their group, who was watching as the bald, squidward nose man bleed on the floor.

"He's going to tell! We have to keep him here!" he replied.

"SO YOU CHOPPED OFF HIS LEG!?!" Redstone slapped Colin across the face. "He's a innocent villager Colin, why would you even do that!?"

"I..I..I panicked.."

"Redstone!" The villager gasped, tears pouring from his eyes, Red gave Colin a angry glare and he and Shadow went to help the villager up so they could get him some medical assistant.

"I..it's okay"  Shadow said as he grabbed one arm and put it over his shoulder, he was mostly trying to convince himself.

"You'll be okay, everything will be fine--"


"OH NOTCH, NOO!" screamed Katie.

Shadow and Redstone's eyes widen as they saw that the villager's head was decapitated by none other than Colin, not only he was covered in blood but Redstone and Shadow were now covered in blood as well since they tried to help the villager.

They quickly dropped the corpse in horror, Click-clack glared at the green shirt Minecraftian.

"Colin, what the block is wrong with you!?" He yelled "Why did you beheaded him!?"

"Because if we take him to get help, he would tell.." Colin said lowly.

"Colin. We. Have. To. Tell," hiss Redstone "I don't care what will happen to us, I don't care if we go to the dungeon..I can't live with the guilt! You murdered two innocent people and we helped you clean the evidence!"

Redstone headed for the door and Shadow, Click-clack, Katie and Nobraynes followed.

"I don't care what you say, were going to tell the rebel leader right away!"

"A-are we friends?" Colin asked softly and Redstone met his emerald green eyes.

"Y..yes, of course. I'm friends with you and the others"

""Then... please do as I say." Colin said again, looking down at the floor. The whole room went silent, except for Katie's sniffling.

"Colin.." Redstone pleaded after a moment.

"We need to clean this up," Colin said firmly, trying to keep calm "guys, help me take the villager behind the rebel city, we need to destroye the body, we can use a flint and steel to burn him"

"N-No!" Katie squeaked angrily, wiping her tears, Colin turns to look at her. "We need to bury him! It'd be wrong to not give him a proper burial!"

"If we bury him, his body could be found!" Colin argued with the green hooded girl. "We need to get rid of the evidence..by..burning him to ash"

"Nobraynes and I are not going to help you do that!"

"Fine, Shadow, Click-clack and Redstone, you guys help me!, Katie, you can clean the mess up and Nobraynes... Stay inside and keep quiet, don't touch anything!"

Nobraynes shakily nodded, he lies on the floor looking up at the ceiling pretending to be a rock..a sad, miserable rock that witness two murders created by a friend.

Shadow and Click-clack were hesitated but they went over grabbing the legs off the Villager, Redstone was more hesitated, trembling his lips.

"Redstone! Help us!" Feeling more miserable than he had in his entire life. Redstone assisted Colin by grabbing the head of the villager. He tried his best to tell himself that it was nothing more than a slimly block of slime.

Katie watched them go, and then sadly went to the kitchen. She returned to the crime scene with many different cleaning supplies, she stared at Nobraynes who was lying in a huge puddle of blood.

Katie cringed and tears peak from her eyes, imagining what if Nobraynes was the one killed and it was her who needed to clean his blood. There was no way she'd be able to clean it up, and she didn't even want to.

She bit her lips trying to hold back tears as she walked over to the miserable zombie and asked him if he could move as he was lying in the patch of red crimson. Nobraynes sadly nodded and he got up from his spot, Katie notice a red blood stain line on his back. The blood had left a stain on the zombie's shirt.

She tells Nobraynes to not sit or lie his back on anything and that she'll help him with his shirt soon. Confused but Nobraynes nodded and sat in a corner, making his back doesn't touch anything.

As she bent down to wipe the area with a towel, her hands shook, and her vision became blurry with more tears. She couldn't do it.  Katie collapsed into the crimson puddle and sobbed, curled up in a ball on her side. She didn't care that she was now bloody as well, she just wanted the nightmare to end. Nobraynes ran over and hugged Katie, getting blood on his pants and the front of his aqua colored t-shirt.

When her friends came back, they both look extremely solemn, they noticed Katie laying on the floor while Nobraynes was hugging her.

"Katie, What are you doing!?" Colin spat. "Why haven't anything been clean up yet?"

"I...can't..." Katie cried, shivering as if she had a really icy shower.

"Then...just.. Just go back home to your sister, we'll clean up the rest here, be sure to make sure she isn't home yet so you can clean your hood!"  Katie did what she was told without arguing, she left Shadow's residence and slowly shut the door only for Click-clack to open it.

He was holding Nobraynes' hand who was wearing a black hoodie, Katie guessed it was to hide the blood stain left from hugging her and lying in the puddle that will be soon cleaned up, so she didn't asked.

When Katie arrived home, she was relief that her Sally who was a brown haired girl aged 20 that wore a purple striped T-shirt, short blue jeans short and purple ear muffs. They were together ever since their parents died from a creeper attack.

Katie found a note on the kitchen table, next to a photo of them and their parents who were smiling contently. She reads it to herself.

"Dear Katie, I won't be back home till next week..Me and a group of archers are out patrolling, one of the iron golems had alerted us that they saw a troop of Endermen wandering around.. So if anything happens to you please contact the rebel leader, You're only young.

- Love Sally".

Katie stared out of the window where she saw the Rebel leader's house, she contemplated telling the rebel leader what had happen today.. If she did Colin would be getting help and the rest of her friends wouldn't have to suffer the guilt but, she was worried that Colin would get mad at her.

Why was this happening to Colin? Why do her friends have to suffer?

"I..i don't want to be part of this.." She told herself as she stepped into the bathroom, her eyes stingy from the amount of crying she's done for the passed few hours. "I rather be locked up than helping someone to kill.."

Katie run the shower and went to take off her hoodie.

By the time Colin, Redstone and Shadow managed to get a majority of the blood cleaned up, it was getting late. Colin and Redstone said their goodbyes to Shadow and left his house, exhausted from cleaning up that when they arrived home, they didn't bother getting changed.

Colin climbed into his bed and Redstone climb into his, their beds apart from each other.

"Maybe we'll wake up, and this will all have been a nightmare,"  Colin whispered, Redstone sniffled nodding sadly, he too hoped this was just some sick nightmare. He rolled back and quickly fell asleep.

Colin looked up at the ceiling and sighed, he struggled not to cry and he too fell asleep. He later woken up to oddly find himself in castle made out of obsidian, the floor was made of stone bricks and there was throne made of obsidian as well.

Two Endermen wearing obsidian armour, helmet and each holding two Endblades crossing them. Colin gasped and went for his diamond sword only to find it was missing, the Endermen didn't even looked at him. Instead, they kept looking straight as if Colin was never there.

"Don't mind them..they won't cause any harm...well, not yet" said a deep, echoey voice. Colin looked at the throne to find a man who's skin is the same as an enderman, his glowing purple eyes are shaped in a permanent scowl and he wears full obsidian armor with an ender pearl on his chest, The man also wears a black cape with purple outlines and an obsidian crown.

Colin realize who it was a the got into an angry rage.

"ENDERMASTER!" he yell, he was about to charged at him but something pulled him back. The guards each gave a small snickered as Colin looked at his arms and legs to find that The Endermaster had chain him with glowing pink chains.

Colin struggled against the chains but as he went to touch one of them, he received a wave of electricity hurting but not killing him.

"Why am I here?!" Yell Colin "Just so you could slowly torture me to death or have you bring me here to have me executed? Because.. I don't care anymore... Just do it!"

But to his surprise, The Endermaster just laughted at Colin.

"Kill you? No, I just want to talk about what you have done.." He replied sheepishly.

Colin's expression became angry and he tug at his chains.

"DID YOU DID THIS TO ME!?" Colin screamed, tears streaming from his eyes, The Endermaster scoffed.

"Look at you, blaming me for something that you did to yourself.. You pressure yourself so much and determined to defeat me and my army of Endermen that your human brain is starting to break.. You didn't rest and now look what you had done... Pretty funny huh?"

"N-NO!" Colin shrieked "I killed that man back there because my mind tricked me to think he's an Enderman and I killed a villager...they were both innocent!"

"Not only that," The Endermaster said with grin "That man had a daughter who's now all alone at night... She's most likely gonna get killed by one of the hostiles mobs at night and that villager..."

He teleported over to Colin putting his hands on his head and forcing him to look into his pink eyes.

"..had a son that he just adopted after his poor family were attacked by zombies and now that poor child will never get to see his father again"

The Endermaster let Colin go and took a step back, Colin dropped to his knees and sobbed gently, covering his face. The Endermaster teleported to his throne and gave him a mocking glare.

"Look at you, crying.. And you call yourself a leader." He then snorted "No wonder your pitiful group want you locked away..."

Colin looked up at him and wiped his tears.

"N..no they don't," he protest "They just want me to get help"

"Help? Ha! Help as in locking you in a cage and chaining you up like an animal. They don't care about your feelings!".

" T..that's not true.." Colin cried desperately.

"Then why don't they do what you say? Aren't you the leader?" he was silent for a moment, lost in thought. 

"Just like you said to Redstone, if they were really your friends, they would listen to you... It's your job to keep them in LINE!" at his last words, The Endermaster's voice echoed around the whole throne wall. Causing Colin to flinched at his words.

"That.. That wouldn't be f-fair" He mumbled.

"Well, then, fine, don't take my advice" said The Endermaster shrugging and walking back to his throne. "But I hope you prepare for your new life..in hell!"

The Endermaster snapped  his fingers and an Enderman appeared holding a sharp purple Endblade, he wore a purple helmet made of obsidian with horns through it. The helmet obscure his right eye.

Colin struggled against his chains, realizing that he was coming towards him but the chains had tightened so he couldn't even move. The Enderman raised his blade up and then landed but as soon he did that, Colin quickly woken up and found himself lying on the bedroom floor, panting and covered in sweat. After a moment of sitting there regaining his composure,  he decided that he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so, Colin left the bedroom being careful not to wake up Redstone and shutting the door quietly.

Redstone woken up the next morning to find that Colin wasn't in his bed, worried, Redstone called his friends up to help find him. They searched around the house and they had finally found Colin in the kitchen.

He was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table with a mug in front of him. Colin's eyes were wide and he appears to be staring out into space.

"Uh..Colin...?" Shadow said tentatively.  Colin's eyes quickly snapped his eyes at the group, and he smiled, which unnerved them a bit.

"Morning!" He said in a high pitch squeaky voice "It's really nice day, I'm looking forward for the meeting with the Rebel leader and the rest of the rebels!"

"Colin..is that, Fire resistance?" asked Redstone looking into the mug.

"YEah!" He exclaimed, his eye twitching slightly  "i burrowed some from Nobraynes' stash, i'm really for the day, yep yep!"

"Did you got no sleep lass nite?" Nobraynes asked softly, not only was he surprised that Colin taken one of his potions without him knowing but his manic behavior was..alarming.

"Nope! I couldn't sleep, so I went to the lounge-room to sharpen my sword,and then I was like, hey! I'm hungry! So i went to the kitchen to for something to eat but then i thought 'Hey, why not i grab some fire resistance potion?' So i went over to your watch tower Nobraynes, Click-clack and i made myself a mug.. i hope you guys don't mind!"

"How much did you have...?" asked Shadow slowly.

"I don't know! I lost count!" The group exchanged furtive looks, their concern escalating.

"M-Maybe you should stay home..." Katie suggested "If you l-like, Redstone could call a doctor out for you.."

"S-Stay home? Oh no no NO, i cannot do that! What if this meeting is important? What if it's about Endermen planning to attack us? The Rebel leader needs me..." Colin replied, still smiling that strange smile.

"B-But Colin!--" said Nobraynes, but Colin interrupted.  He jumped out of his chair and gave Nobraynes a hostile look that made the zombie shrink into his shirt.

"I'M GOING TO THAT MEETING!" He shouted, Him and the others flinched. "I'm going to the meeting, and i'll have a GOOD DAY! Don't argue with me!" 

Afraid of how Colin was acting, the group nodded and they all went back to their homes to get ready for the meeting. Redstone slowly walked up stairs to have a shower, he looked back at Colin sadly...Colin was now completely silence and his smile gone. 

When they were walking to the Rebel leader's house, It felt weird to just go to the meeting and acted as if nothing had ever happened the previous day. Colin still wishes that it was nothing more but a awful nightmare, but when he turn to see a small baby villager asking a old lady villager about the whereabouts of his father.. Colin's heart broke remembering what The Endermaster told him, he turned his head away in guilt.

The Rebel leader, a man that wore green, medieval like armour with golden outlines, He has blue eyes, orange hair, a beard and a slightly tanned skin, people would normally just call him Gareth as that was his name.

He was currently talking to the rebels about how they should increase security in the city as one of the villagers went missing last night. He suspected that a zombie must of eaten him but male Minecraftian named Archer, who wore a sage green shirt, brown gloves, brown pants and grey shoes said it couldn't be zombies as for:

1. How would zombies get here as they had placed torches around the city. 2. Nobraynes is the only zombie here but he wouldn't harm anyone. And 3. Zombies were messy eaters and there were no signs of any shredded skin or organs.

"It just doesn't make sense sir.." Archer said.

Colin's group weren't paying attention as they were all trying to not look guilty, Katie's lips were trembling, feeling as if there were a golf ball in her throat, trying not to cry. 

Nobraynes felt the same way, he tried his best to smile but couldn't. He thought wandering over to talk to the 'Iron bloke' would cheer him up..but it didn't.

Shadow slouched in his chair, struggling with the guilt that he helped Colin exposed of the bodies instead of going to get help.

Redstone was suffering from a painful head ache as he was overcome with depression, while Click-clack couldn't taken much longer and he gotten out from his seat and excuse himself as he needed to keep an eye on Nobraynes.

Colin gripped the table firmly, trembling slightly, giving a tiny twitch every few minutes. The images of the father and the villager's bodies wouldn't leave his mind; Carrying them, destroying them, cleaning up the blood... it was traumatizing, and no Minecraftian should deserved to witness, alone, experience such horrid events.

Nevertheless, his stomach churned in anticipation, as though he was waiting for something exciting to happen. There was so much blood... so much blood...

"G-Gareth!" Colin yelp, raising his left arm in the air as if he was a student. Everyone including The rebel leader turn to look at Colin, Gareth was shocked at how sickly and pale Colin looked.

"I..d-don't feel well..c-can I go h-h-home?"  Redstone, Shadow and Katie stared at Colin but were relieved that he decided to finally take their advice.

"You may," Gareth nodded "I hope you feel better."  Without so much as a goodbye, Colin was gone in a second running out of my city and carefully sat on a boat, gently and weakly push it to make it move.

The boat was slowly floating towards the forest where they had expose of the first body, Colin buried his face into his arms, his knees to his chest and started to cry.

"Why is this happening...?" Colin whimpered as he asked himself. "I'm a good person... I help people..." He thought about the father's daughter alone in the woods.. The baby villager confused about where his adoptive could be, this made Colin feel even more remorsed.

"I broken two kids' lives.... This is all my fault." The boat landed to the island where the forest was, he waited for the boat to stop moving, his eyes listless. His eye twitched, slowly getting up to his feet and he started walking deeper into the forest.

A young woman with long ginger hair with a rose in it, a bright yellow dress and was wearing camping boots. She had set up camp for the night in a cave, she likes to keep to herself and try everything to avoid the Endermen war or any eye contact with them.

Just then, the woman heard foot steps coming from the entrance of the damp cave, she quickly grabbed her iron sword. There she saw a Minecraftian shape shadow, the woman yells at it asking who was there.

It say nothing, the figure took a step into the light to reveal himself as Colin. She sighed with relief as she put her sword away.

"Oh, it's just you" she laughed but Colin just stared at her. The woman frowned.

"You okay sir?" She asked, Colin took a step forward.

"Are you alright?" She asked again, Colin blew out the fire.

"Do you need he-" Colin pulled out his bloodstained diamond sword, the woman's eyes widen and stared back at Colin as if he was ghost. His eyes began to fill with tears.

"I'm sorry..." Colin mumbled as he approach her.

"Colin, were back" Redstone called as he and his friends entered Colin and Redstone's house.

The meeting was over and the group were anxious about how Colin is doing.  "Colin, are you home?"

"Colin?" Katie tried, she looked in the kitchen but he wasn't there.

"Maybe he's in your and his bedroom?" Shadow suggested, walking over to their bedroom door.

"I hope he's sleeping" Click-clack says following them to the door. "I don't know much of yet humans but I'm sure he needs some rest, besides, he looks so exhausted!"

They walked  into the room, but stopped when they saw a figure curled up in a corner, facing away from them. 

"...Colin..?" Said Katie closely as the group walk up to him slowly.

"Are is okay?" Nobraynes asked "Why is u no slee--" He paused, suddenly noticing patches of blood on his arms and in his hair  The group notices this as well, their faces stupify.


"She never lives in the Rebel city..." Said Colin in an emotionless, almost inaudible tone. "She will never be missed....no one will know she's gone...."

He lifted his hand up without facing them, and clutched in it was a single eyeball coated in blood and tears and he carelessly dropped it on the floor. Click-clack quickly covered Katie's mouth mouth as she was about to start sobbing again, for he was aware that any sudden action could cause Colin to flip out.

The group slowly and carefully backed out of the room, Redstone gently held Nobraynes' hand and keeping him from screaming. Once out, Shadow closed the door as quietly as he can.

Without making any sounds, they left house. Click-clack still held on to Katie's hand as she kept her lips shut tight, holding back the urge to cry, they all hopped on the boat, Redstone push the boat gently to make it move and at last the forest came to view.

They all hopped out of small wooden boat and was shock to find a trail of blood leading from inside the forest to the boat. Redstone bit his lip and they started following the trail slowly, passing trees and berry bushes until they arrived to a cave.

Katie and Nobraynes finally started screaming and crying at the sight, what once was a young camper was nothing but tore blood soaked clothes and ripped flesh, Her organs stray from her body. Redstone UUnlike the previous day, Buttercup couldn't keep herself from throwing up. She wretched, coughing up nothing but bile since she hadn't eaten all day. Unlike the previous day, Redstonr couldn't keep himself from throwing up. He wretched, coughing up nothing but bile since he hadn't eaten all day.

"WHY!?!!" Katie shrieked, unable to tear her eyes away from the bloody scene.  "He said it was accident yesterday and that he didn't mean to do it, why is he doing this!!?"

"I..I don't think he means to do it" Shadow told her, he pointed to the cave walls where it written it dry blood: 'SORRY'.

"Me scared...!" Nobraynes whimpered, hugging Click-clack tightly as he started to cry. He never cry this much except for that day when Boom blew himself up to protect Nobraynes from three Endermen.

"I know Nobraynes, I know.." Click-clack sighed. After a few minutes of Click-clack and Redstone's attempt to comfort Nobraynes and Katie, they all exited the cave. They sat outside on the ground, avoiding the trail of the red substance, all except for Shadow who decided to just stand.

He looked at the rebel city, then back at the cave, then sea where they dumped the man's body and now, back at the rebel's city again. Shadow walk in front of the sitting group and said.

"I don't care what Colin said, We're going to tell Gareth.. This going way too far...killing that villager is going way too far!"

"B-But, you, Redstone and Click-clack were forced to help..." Katie sniffled.

"Yea, but do her think we haven't stopped feeling guilty bout it?" Asked Click-clack.

"It was still u-us who helped him.." Redstone said softly, fixing up his goggles.

"And if things hadn't happened the way it did, it probably could've been someone else! We need to stop this before anyone else gets hurt, and before Colin decides to make one of us the next victim!" Shadow said in a low tone.

"Let's go now" Nobraynes says quickly, standing up.

"And hurry before Colin realizes that were gone" Katie quickly said, standing up as well. The group quickly hurried to boat, all aboarding it and heading straight to the city to warn the rebel leader.

Chapter 2 -