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Ghist with some of her heads
Ghist with some of her heads
Series Monster School
Appearance Normal Ghast
Role Student
Personality Shy, helpful
Hobbies Collecting heads

Ghist is a Ghast and one of the students at the Monster School. She is the only female of the original eight students, and one of three female students overall.


Ghist has the unusual hobby of collecting heads. She does this because she is alone, keeping them as company. She also likes Withers, since they have three heads and she also have much in common with them (floating and shooting projectiles). She is rather helpful to others and somewhat shy. She has a crush on Multus, acting more shy whenever he's around.


She can shoot fireballs and fly just like any normal ghast, and sometimes uses her tentacles as weapons as they are strong enough to rip off limbs. She appears to be smaller than an average ghast.

Role in the series

Lesson Grade Description
Crafting E In Crafting, she combines Zombee's head with a fireball.
Cooking E In Cooking, she uses a pig head stuffed with an apple.
Stealing A In Stealing, she takes most of the human's valuables.
Meet the Students - In Meet the Students, she's with a head collection, and a brief description appears.
Hiding A In Hiding, she hid behind a tree.
Brewing F In Brewing, she tries brewing a fireball.
Combat B In Combat, she rips off the human's head.
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, she's eating a villager head.
Mining D In Mining, she helps Skellington mine ores.
Acrobatics D In Acrobatics, she flies through the running course. She falls off the parkour. She climbs over the wall.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, she gets no candy, but takes a human's head. Her costume is a mask made of multiple faces.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas!, she receives an iron golem head.
Combat #2 E In Combat 2, she defeats Blaise, and loses to Zupay in the next round.
Scaring D In Scaring, she shrieks.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - Has no appearance.
Bus trip - In Monster School - Bus Trip, she goes on the bus trip. She takes a wither skeleton's head, and receives a head from Multus.


  • Although Ghist is shown as a generally kind student, she did shot a fireball at Skellington and Spider at Zombieswine's command in the Stealing episode, hinting at a submissive and easily persuaded personality.
  • Ghist has pretty mixed grades, normally getting a D or E but also getting two A's and a F.