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Hildegarde in her hut.
Hildegarde in her hut.
Series Monster School
Appearance She looks like a normal witch with her arms free to move.
Role Teacher (Brewing + Bus Trip)
Bus Monitor (Bus Trip)
Personality Very strict

Hildegarde is a witch and also a teacher in Monster School.

Role in the Series

She was the teacher in "Brewing", and she was given the mission to invite new monsters to the school at the end of "Combat". Her next major appearance was in "Bus Trip".


She has the same appearance as a regular witch, with her arms separated instead of folded (apart from in the brewing lesson and part of the bus trip).


She is a very strict teacher, more than Herobrine, punishing students if not paying attention (such as turning Zombieswine's torso into a red mushroom). She seems to have pretty high expectations on the students considering her reaction when any of them does something wrong. She also seems to be aware of Zupay's evil nature, unlike Herobrine, who seems to be unaware.


Hildegarde is a powerful witch and is capable of many things.

  • Telekineses - Her main choice of magic. She can make things appear and disappear. Unlike other witches, she is able to unfold her arms and reconnect them again.
  • Transformation - She can transform objects, as seen in the brewing lesson. Also, unlike other witches, she is able to unfold her arms and reconnect them again.


  • Hildegarde has a black cat and a bat as pets.
    • As shown in the unfolding of witch arms, she then turned a human into a tuxedo cat, and that's how she got the cat.
    • Little is known how she got the bat.
  • In the battle of Lord Läskig and Herobrine, a witch working for the latter appears, presumably Hildegarde.
  • She created Multus. (Indirectly, her bat placed the final skull during his getting invited.)