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Welcome to the Ideas For Willcraft page! Here you can add your ideas for the Willcraft to animate. Vandalizing and/or removing ideas is not appreciated nor allowed.


Please put your problems in the Ideas for Willcraft board in the New Forums. The comments have more than 425 comments, which is problematic. For the problems relating to vandalism, please place a message in any of are admins, bureaucrats, rollbacks or the Founder.


  • This and the other Ideas for Willcraft pages are for ideas. Anyone is welcome to put ideas, but most will not be uploaded.
  • No deleting ideas, except if it is yours or if it is approved to be removed. The latter is rare however.
  • No one is able to put ideas in this page. Please put it in its own page.
  • No trolling! Many members of the community is mad to Wikia Contributors who are removing, editing or spamming pages or ideas which does not belong to them. Anyone can edit their own ideas however, but anyone can edit the pages.
  • If you want your character to be taken seriously, balance it to the other characters. Always put a weakness or two to every character or make them weak. The only exception is if it is a Monster School character.

Monster School

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