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Katie with her hoodie on.
Series Endventures
Appearance She has pink hair and light blue eyes.
Role Supporting Protagonist
Personality Work in progress

Katie is a supporting character in Endventures. She appeared in Episode 10 of Endventures. She is a resident of the Rebel City and became a rebel following the Enderman invasion. She is voiced by witchcrafty809.

Role in the Series

Katie (without hoodie)

Katie without Hoodie

Katie first appeared in Episode 10, which she was introduced, in the episode Katie is shooting arrows at a stone block, Click-Clack mocks her archery skills and shows her his archery skills. Due to him insulting her archery skills, Katie slapped Click-Clack in the face which spins his skull and she walks away.

Katie appears again in Episode 11, when she asks Colin if Porkey is his pig, she pets him but Porkey attacks her. Colin then explains to her that he is a Battle Pig, while Colin talks about how he met Porkey, she interrupts him that pigs can't talk, Collin howevers says he talks to Porkey to understand what's he saying. She later appears on top of the Rebel City and watches Red fighting Endaria. After Red's robot is destroyed, she retreats with the other Rebels and not seen again after that.

Major Spoilers
On Episode 12, she is seen fighting the endermen along with the protagonists and a unnamed rebel girl. As the endermen broke the walls and killed most of the inhabitants, she and the protagonists were ordered to escape by the Rebel Leader, on the moments of their escape. The unnamed rebel girl got killed in front of her by an enderman. Once safe, Katie suggests they should surrender to the endermen in case they would show mercy to them, which Colin promptly refuses, angered by Porkey's death by the hand of The Endermaster. After the other protagonists decided to help Colin get revenge on the endermen, Katie agrees to assist him as well but warns Colin that if they die, her last words will be "I told you so".




Like the Rebel Leader, not much is known about what she can do. But this is her ability so far:

  • Archery - Katie is shown to be good with archery though she was practicing


  • Due to lots of fan demand, Willcraft decided to make her one of the new protagonists of the series though she is still a supporting character yet.