Willcraft and Laurence Screenshot

Sir Lawrence's first appearance

Sir Lawrence Lennox III is Willcraft Animations sidekick, a toy creeper possessed with the soul of an actual creeper. According to Lawrence himself, he was dead before being summoned into his new body by Willcraft using "an ancient and probably illegal ritual". He appears on the recent blogs, starting with "Willcraft Stares at Fan Art " as his first appearance.

Lawrence serves as a sort of comic relief, as well as a way for Willcraft to have conversations when necessary despite working alone. He is shown to be quite mean-spirited.


Lawrence is a toy creeper with a much larger head than a usual one.


Lawrence appears to have a cranky and rude nature. He throws insults around and has low thoughts about both Willcraft and the viewers. He also has some kind of thing about being obsessed to creepers (due of being one himself), complaining about their absence when watching fan art. He also likes anything that has to do with creepers, and he also hates cats/ocelots.


  • Willcraft accidentally broke off one of Lawrence's legs at one point. This was probably not scripted, but it earned him the nickname "Legbreaker" from Lawrence. Currently his broken leg is glued back.
  • He is a toy creeper. This means you can find one in a store or by browsing the "Store" page on
  • Because of Lawrence, Willcraft revealed that he can 'manipulate' dark magic during the time of Halloween.