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What do you think about valentines day?
Option Votes
I like it. When I have someone to celebrate it with.. 2
I do something nice for all my loved ones, not just my lover. 0
It's just an excuse for corporations to sell more chocolate and pink teddy bears. 6
I dislike it, I'm always alone... 3
Meh, just an ordinary day to me. 14
Total Votes 25
This poll was featured from February 13, 2017, till September 10, 2018.

Who's your favourite?
Option Votes
Willcraft 9
Luna 2
Lawrence 1
Total Votes 12
This poll was featured from November 23, 2016, till February 13, 2017.

What is your favorite thing from Halloween?
Option Votes
Candy! Both collecting and giving it away. 5
Dressing up, and seeing others dress up. 0
Scaring people, or being scared. 5
The movies. 1
Something not included above. 0
Total Votes 11
This poll was featured from October 7, 2016, till November 23, 2016.

Should all the idea pages and related pages be removed?
Option Votes
Yes, they are one big mess and are clogging up the wikia. 13
No, despite that the fandom needs a place to share ideas. 23
Total Votes 36
This poll was featured from May 6, 2016, till October, 7, 2016.

Who is your favorite Endventures villain?
Option Votes
The Endermaster 21
Wrecker 11
Endaria 3
The Triplets 3
Total Votes 38
This poll was featured from November 6, 2015, till May 6, 2016.

What is your favorite classic Halloween monster?
Option Votes
Zombie 4
Vampire 7
Ghost 2
Werewolf 1
Witch 3
Other 6
Total Votes 23
This poll was featured from October 16, 2015, till November 6, 2015.

Do you like the new wikia theme?
Option Votes
Yes 12
No 2
Whut? 6
Total Votes 20
This poll was featured from August 21, 2015 till October 16, 2015.
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