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Medusabelle's updated skin
Medusabelle's updated skin
Series Battle Characters
Appearance She wears regular witch robes, and has red hair that is braided.
Personality Childish lunatic

"Have you ever thought about that when you're spinning, it's almost like having eyes all around your head?" - Medusabelle

Medusabelle is a villain on the channel. She is a crazy witch who discovered the secret behind eternal youth, she is therefore very powerful since she has studied magic for centuries. She got her name since she loves turning people to gravel. She also has a little pet dragon named Mr. Cuddlyface. She was also planned to be in her own original animations away from minecraft in 2017, but Willcraft gave up on that sadly.

She is voiced by Kayddacraft.


She is quite similar to a regular witch, she dresses the same as one and has the same eye color. But she has a human model instead of a villager model, and she has long, dark purple hair.

As of the battle video, her hair is red and she has two braids instead of letting her hair hang freely.


Medusabelle's old appearance

She has been described as a childish lunatic. Due to her mental illness, she is highly unpredictable. Willcraft stated that she is in fact sentient and can even love, but it would be complicated, since she is crazy. She does not take the concept of death seriously, thinking of it as a game. She doesn't feel bad about killing, nor does she fear death. She might have completely disregarded the possibility that she can die because of her eternal life and powerful magic.


Since she is a witch she has powerful magic. Her favorite ability is turning people into gravel by looking into their eyes (a parody of the Medusa ). Just like other witches her eyes turns green when she uses magic. She also carries around a spellbook that is able to fly. She uses this when she does not remember her spells, and the way she interacts with it sometimes makes it seem like it is the source of the spell itself.

Her known powers include:

  • Telekinesis - She can manipulate objects and also use this power to fly, or simply defy gravity.
  • Pyromancy - She knows several fire-based spells.
  • Cryomancy . She is able to form ice from thin air.
  • Summoning - She can summon mobs and objects at will.
  • Transfiguration - Her favorite spell is to turn organic beings into gravel.
  • Illusions - In her battle video she is seen projecting a clone of herself, as well as hiding behind a wall that makes her invisible.
  • Paralyzing - She can make enemies unable to move.

Aside from magical powers she is also very nimble and a skilled alchemist.


  • She is the last character to be featured in a battle video.
  • Her video was originally gonna come out in mid 2013, and Willcraft was also planning her Animation at that point, but Willcraft ultimately delayed plans for that video for other projects and Medusabelle pretty much didn't get a video until 2015.
  • This is a video from May 2013 that talks about Medusabelle and also has a small animation showcasing some of her abilities in her old skin. It has been unlisted as of now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96WEG46fU48
  • She got adapted into Void Heart's rewritten backstory in 2017 as a companioning to him.

One of the design phases Medusabelle went through.

Medusabelle as she appears on Willcrafts Youtube banner