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Acrobatics is the 8th episode of Monster School. The students must use their acrobatic skills to pass three different courses.


Herobrine begins class by drawing a "running person" on the board, while Zupay is throwing an iron axe at Cavell's leg. Herobrine then begins the 3-part lesson by creating a miniaturized running course and teleports/minimizes them onto it.

Zombieswine and Blaise go first out of the classroom, with Zombieswine dashing toward the end only to trip over it and Blaise gliding to the finish. 2nd pair up is Spider and Cavell, Spider simply runs to the finish line while Cavell uses a web to get there first, then he teases Spider before Spider leaps onto him. Then it's Zombee and Creep, Zombee trips several times as Creep creeper-walks to the end of the course. Creep then blows up after Zombee tripped and his head hit the finish line, before Creep got to the end. Herobrine then adds jumping obstacles into the course, for Maggie and Mucus, Maggie hops to the end while Mucus slides to it. Witton and Skellington go next but trip over the first obstacles, and they both try to crawl before being removed by a disapproving Herobrine. Herobrine quickly replaces the jumping-obstacles with flames when it's time for Ghist and Multus to go. Multus' third head smacks Ghist downward before they go, and his other two heads disapprove of the third head's actions, then they help Ghist up. Both monsters fly to the finish line. Zupay and Silvester are up next and Zupay flawlessly jumps over the flames only to learn Silvester was already at the end, then he proceeds to kill Silvester with his axe, before both were removed from the course. Last one to go is Endie, who has nobody to go with, and teleports to the finish line before being forced to run crazily through the fire by Herobrine.

The course is removed and a parkour course that leads to one of the desks is created. Cavell fails to make the 2nd block. Mucus hops onto the roof and glides over and jumps down onto the end. Zupay makes it to the end with a series of hops. Witton falls off the start. Maggie slowly "drips" down from the first block due to being too heavy. Multus is forced to walk using his heads as feet and falls off the 2nd block due to being unable to jump. Blaise trips and falls over the 2nd block while using her rods as feet. Skellington is pushed off the start by Zombieswine, who somersault to the end but falls off at one point. Endie tries to use his long legs to "walk" to the finish but fails at the 3rd block and hangs onto it, staying there until the next course. Silvester simply jumps into a block and another, making it to the end, where Zupay is trying to stretch Mucus apart. Ghist falls off the start because she can't fly, and Zombee, the student after her, also falls off the start. Spider uses a web to get to the end and lands there on his backside. Last to go is Creep, who uses everything but his head as a "cannonball" and launches his head to the end.

The students are then faced with a tall cobblestone wall, which they have to climb over. Spider and Cavell climb over it with ease. Same with Zupay. Mucus glides over the wall, then it's Maggie's turn, she eats a large cake to supersize herself, then split into 3 Maggie's, and all 3 stack onto each other, and the top Maggie jumps over the wall. Silvester goes straight through the wall. Zombee tries to walk through the wall, and fails. Skellington uses his spine to extend his skull and launch it over the wall. Ghist barely climbs over the wall. Witton simply stands there, and is removed. Multus walks straight through the wall. Creep blows it up and reassembles himself to walk through the newly-created gap. Zombieswine knocks over Endie and tries to climb the wall with a pair of golden swords, but one of his swords breaks when he's about to reach the top, and he falls. Endie and Blaise walks by the wall, not even attempting to climb it.

The students are then back to regular size and are teleported to their desks, and Herobrine teleports out of the room shortly afterward, ending the episode.


Results from annotation added after the video to end complaints about the results. Although once Youtube removed annotations from their sites, the only way to see the grades of the monsters in this episode is from here.

Student Grade Description
Creep C Passed, passed, passed
Endie E Failed, failed, cheated
Ghist D passed, failed, passed
Mucus A Passed, passed, passed
Skellington D Failed, failed, passed
Spider C Passed, passed, passed
Zombee E Passed, failed, failed
Zombieswine D Passed, failed, failed
Cavell D Passed, failed, passed
Maggie E Passed, failed, passed
Blaise E Passed, failed, cheated
Multus D Passed, failed, cheated
Silvester A Passed, passed, passed
Witton F Failed, failed, failed
Zupay B Passed, passed, passed


  • First the video lacked results but then Willcraft added them in an annotation.
  • This is the second episode of Monster School featuring the new students.
  • This is the first episode to not feature results contained in the actual animation.
  • Willcraft's most watched video.