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Brewing is the 5th episode of Monster School. The students must use their alchemy skills to brew potions.


The students are in the classroom, and under the supervision of Hildegarde, use brewing stands and the materials they are given to make potions.


Student Grade Description
Creep D Uses gunpowder to make splash potions
Endie F Tries to brew a grass block
Ghist F Fires a fireball at the brewing stand
Mucus C Uses sugar to make speed potions
Skellington E Uses a nether wart and glistening melon to make healing potions
Spider D Uses his venom to make poison potions
Zombee F Eats his water bottles
Zombieswine A Uses a red mushroom to make a potion that increases size


  • Zombieswine's potion is possibly a reference to the Gulliver Mod.
  • This is the only episode where either Endie or Ghist fail a lesson.
  • Willcraft stated in his unlisted Q&A 1 video, that this Monster School video only took him one day to make due to being very motivated and also he worked from dusk to dawn with minimal breaks. This is also why the video is very short.