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Bus Trip is the 11th episode of the Monster School series. The students leave the school, under the supervision of Hildegarde, in order to learn new things in the outside world.


"The students are brought to learn more about the world outside. Hildegarde is with them to teach everything important, but some of the students are a little too curious about the new sights to pay attention."


The students leave the school and go onto a school bus driven by the Bus Driver for a field trip under Hildegarde's supervision. The bus enters another dimension and travels on a dangerously narrow stone path into portals to other places. The students first visit a forest, then the nether where they have some regrouping issues, and finally the End. Zupay attempted to destroy the bus with the Ender Dragon but failed and received detention.


  • It's the first episode a religious activity is done, with Endie praying on the rosary. Willcraft said the symbol on it is a tiny Enderdragon.
  • Willcraft said in the comment that this video was "the Bus Driver's time to shine".
  • It is the first episode where a love story is visible.
  • The decision to give save the bus driver and his bus from the Ender Dragon is the only time the three heads of Multus agree.
  • The projectile Multus gave to Ghist looks like Decays' mask.
  • It is the only school related episode to not include Herobrine, though it is possible that he's taking a day off. He has been absent in Trick or Treat, the Monster School section in the 5000 subs special and the half vlog-half monster school video Merry Christmas, I Guess.
  • This is the first time the bus driver is seen smoking.
  • This is last episode of Monster School.