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Combat is the 6th episode of Monster School. The students must test their combat skills against a human.


Herobrine starts the lesson by drawing a sword on the board. Then, he teleports the students to an arena where they fight a human.

Zombee begins by choosing between a sword and a pickaxe. He chooses the pickaxe and begins to fight the human. The human throws its sword at Zombee, but Zombee is unfazed since he is undead. Afterwards he uses the sword to kill the human, making Zombieswine, Creep, Spider and Skellington laugh, and Endie covers his eyes. Next, Creep kills the human by exploding. Spider tries to trap the human in his web, but is unsuccessful. He then tries to attack him from above, but swings too far and lands on the wall behind the human. Skellington tries to use a sword, but Herobrine makes him use a bow. He attempts to shoot the human without success, and eventually gives up and feeds the human a poisoned pumpkin pie, disappointing Herobrine.

When Endie got into the arena, he covers his eyes and tries not to fight, but Spider uncovers his eyes. This allows the human to stare into Endie's eyes and awakens the "Other Endie". Endie ruthlessly attacks the human, then he bites off the human's head, before reverting back to normal. Afterwards, Ghist shoots a fireball which got deflected, so then she decides to decapitate the human by pulling its head off with her tentacles. Zombieswine chooses a golden sledgehammer over a gold sword to crush the human. Last but not least, Mucus enters the arena. The human laughs at his small size, but Mucus expands into a larger size and "digests" the human with his acid insides. He then shrinks back to normal, crushing the post-digested body.

Later that night...

A spider, possibly the student Spider, comes to Hildegarde's home to give her a letter from Herobrine. Before she reads the letter with her funny glasses, she stops a fight between her cat and her bat. The letter tells her to invite all the other monsters to the school. She then writes invitations to Cavell, Silvester, Maggie, Blaise, Witton and Multus (also possibly Zupay, but he does not appear). Her bat then took the invitations to the new students and places the middle skull on top of the unfinished Multus (giving the viewer the false idea that Multus would be the new villain.)


Student Grade Description
Creep C Blows up the human.
Endie A Goes berserk and kills the human.
Ghist B Rips the human's head off after he deflects her fireball.
Mucus C Enlarges and devours the human.
Skellington E Poisons the human after having his sword replaced by a bow.
Spider D Traps the human in webs and splats on a wall.
Zombee E Uses a pickaxe and the human's own sword to kill him.
Zombieswine E Uses a giant hammer to flatten the human.


  • This is the first and only episode where nobody received an F.
  • This is the first time Zombee did not get an F.
  • Spider is the only monster that didn't kill the human