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Combat is the 6th episode of Monster School. The students must test their combat skills against a human.


The students are put into a square fenced-off arena in a stone cave separate from the classroom to test their combat skills: A regular human with a sword summoned by Herobrine is the target.

Afterwards, Hildegarde sends invitations to several monsters with her bat.


Student Grade Description
Creep C Blows up the human.
Endie A Goes berserk and kills the human.
Ghist B Rips the human's head off after he deflects her fireball.
Mucus C Enlarges and devours the human.
Skellington E Poisons the human after having his sword replaced by a bow.
Spider D Traps the human in webs and splats on a wall.
Zombee E Uses a pickaxe and the human's own sword to kill him.
Zombieswine E Uses a giant hammer to flatten the human.


  • This is the first and only episode where nobody received an F.
  • This is the first time Zombee did not get an F.
  • Spider is the only monster that didn't kill the human