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Monster School - Cooking
Monster School - Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date December 21, 2012
Written by Willcraft Animations
Directed by Willcraft Animations
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Cooking is the second episode of Monster School. The students must put their cooking skills to the test.

Monster School Cooking - Minecraft Animation

Monster School Cooking - Minecraft Animation

The video was created in a rush for Christmas on Willcraft's channel. The episode features Creep, Skellington, Zombee, Zombieswine, SpiderEndie, Ghist, and Mucus learning to cook.


The students enter a room separate from the classroom, with a kitchen for cooking, to test their cooking skills.


Student Grade Description
Creep F Tries to cook TNT
Endie A Applied dyes to a melon and created some type of slime
Ghist E Cooked a pig head stuffed with an apple
Mucus B Baked a cake
Skellington A Chopped up a chicken and cooked it
Spider E Made soup out of a villager
Zombee F Tried cooking his own limbs
Zombieswine D Tried to cook Mucus but failed
Results - Episode 2

The results.