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Hiding is the 4th episode in Monster School. The students must hide and remain undetected by humans.


The students are put into a dense forest including a small cave where they must use the natural surroundings to hide from the two humans walking around the woods.


Student Grade Description
Creep E Tried hiding behind Zombee and later a tree, got spotted both times
Endie C Tried hiding behind a tree and later entered a berserk state, got spotted both times
Ghist A Hid behind a tree, didn't get spotted
Mucus C Hid behind stone and fled with Spider and Skellington, got spotted
Skellington F Tried blending in with the stone and later fled after trying to fight back, got spotted
Spider D Hid on the cave ceiling and helped Skellington flee, got spotted
Zombee F Tried hiding behind a leaf block and later a tree, got spotted both times
Zombieswine E Tried hiding in tall grass, got spotted


"A great advantage when hunting your enemy is if your enemy can't see you until it's too late. Today the students are going to a forest to learn how to avoid being seen. And Endie finds out what happens what happens when looking into a human's eyes."