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Merry Christmas is an Episode of Monster School where Endie was elected to be the year of 2013's Santa Claus... And Zupay wasn't.

On the year of 2013, Endie was voted to be the secret Santa. Zupay wasn't too happy with this and gave the people who didn't vote for him awful presents ending in torture and torment while Endie gave his classmates good presents matching their interests, behavior, and/or mob.

Presents from Endie

Every student (except Zupay) that got a present also got a miniature evergreen tree in a pot to act as a Christmas tree.

Student Grade Description
Creep - Minecart
Endie - Many blocks of ore
Ghist - Iron golem head
Mucus - Piston with a lever
Skellington - Cookbook
Spider - Camera
Zombee - Brain
Zombieswine - Teddy bear
Cavell - Firework rocket
Maggie - Many cakes
Blaise - Anger-management book
Multus - Jukebox
Silvester - Hopper
Witton - Enchantment table

"Presents" from Zupay

The list of the victims and "presents" of Zupay:

Player 1 - A zombie in a present. (or coffin)

Player 2 - A springy bomb with a rainbow hat.

Player 3 - Nothing, just a present lid that fell down and decapitated the player.

Player 4 - Several TNT.

Player 5 - Fire.

Player 6 - Nothing, just a chest that chomped off legs.

Player 7 - Nothing, just a hungry present that devoured the player

Player 8 - Nothing, just a hungry Mimic. (creature that takes the form of a chest and attacks whoever tries to open it)

Player 9 - Nothing, just a chest that attached itself to the player's head with an active TNT.


  • Willcraft mispelled "handle" on Blaise's gift but didn't have the time to change it. He instead spelled it as "hanle." 
  • The outfit Zupay wears in the video is an outfit worn by Père Fouettard, a character who accompanies St. Nicholas who, instead of gifts, gives coal to children on the naughty list. 
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