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Monster School - Mining
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Season 1, Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date July 2, 2013
Written by Willcraft Animations
Directed by Willcraft Animations
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Mining is the 7th episode of Monster School. The students must put their mining skills to the test.


The episode begins with a view of the new classroom, showing all the students. Herobrine is shown, drawing with his stick a pickaxe, confusing some students. Herobrine notices Silvester is absent, much to his dismay. Then he teleports all the students to a cave.

Herobrine divides the students into two groups. Herobrine is shown with the first group (Zombee, Endie, Zombieswine, Blaise, Creep, Maggie, Mucus, and Multus) in a generic Minecraft cave. Smaller groups were assigned and they started mining. Then, Zombee, Endie, and Zombieswine stop at a lava lake. Zombieswine then swims across the lake to an edge with ease since he's a Nether mob. Zombee tries to swim to the edge but since he isn't a Nether mob, he starts burning. Endie then saves him at the last moment while Zombieswine laughs at him. Endie then builds a bridge to get across while Zombee rolls to stop burning.

Meanwhile, Creep and Blaise are mining together. Creep then explodes, destroying some blocks and uncovering some emerald ore. Blaise then mines the ore while Creep reassembles himself. Blaise then absentmindedly drops the emeralds on the ground, and Creep steals them. Blaise then notices the emeralds are gone, so she becomes angry and begins chasing Creep.

Afterwards, Mucus and Maggie are mining with pickaxes while Multus is using his Wither skulls to mine. After some mining, Multus finds a diamond ore and takes it. Then, Endie smelts a gold ore into an ingot with lava. He notices an entrance to a tunnel. He enters it to find out it's a huge cavern mined by Zombee. He goes outside to find Creep running away from an angry Blaise, confusing him. Realizing what happened, Endie tells Creep to return the stolen emeralds. Though refusing at first, Creep returns the emeralds to Blaise, calming her down. Creep then notices some ores next to a sleeping Zombieswine. He wakes up to find his missing ores stolen by Creep. Angrily, he chases down Creep with Endie laughing.

Meanwhile, the 2nd group, Zupay, Skellington, Ghist, Cavell, Spider, and Witton, are on some bridges above lava in a cave. Herobrine assigns the groups and they start mining. Ghist tries to mine a gold ore but she fails. Skellington notices this so he gets on top of her head and mines it. He asks Cavell to join but Cavell refuses and goes on his own.

Spider, Zupay, and Witton go to a lower bridge. On the way, Witton nearly falls down into the lava and bumps his head on the bridge. Cavell is shown mining and he notices a redstone ore across a gap. He tries to jump on the ore but misses and falls into the lava to his death. Zupay is then shown mining when he notices a diamond Spider found. Zupay walks up to Spider and steals the diamond. Before Spider could fight, Zupay knocks him into the lava.

Witton is shown in the lava (not burning as he is a Nether mob) mining some ores. He neglects to pick them up and the ores fall into the lava. Silvester then appears from a stone block. Herobrine reminds him that he is late. Despite being sad, Silvester agrees to go to the bridge with the students and manages to get there with ease. However, the time is up and Herobrine then takes the 2nd group back to the class. He goes back to the 1st group and does the same, ending the lesson.


Student Grade Description
Creep C Steals Blaise's emeralds and gives them back to her, later takes Zombieswine's ores
Endie B Helps other students and smelts a gold ore
Ghist D Lets Skellington use her as a platform to mine on
Mucus F Mines down into the unknown
Skellington D Mines ores on top of Ghist
Spider E Finds a diamond which Zupay steals, and then knocked into lava
Zombee A Mines out an entire room of stone and ores
Zombieswine E Mines some ores, which Creep steals
Cavell F Falls into lava
Maggie E Mines through some stone
Blaise C Mines some emeralds which Creep steals
Multus C Uses wither skulls to mine ores
Silvester F Late to the lesson
Witton F Mines ores that burn up in lava
Zupay C Steals Spider's diamond


  • When Herobrine dismissed the 2nd group, if one where to look closely at one part, a part of the ceiling is missing, revealing the sky.
  • When Zupay steals Spider's diamond moments before he knocks him into the lava, Spider's legs can be seen wedged in the stone.


  • This is the second time the class is divided in groups. The first was Hiding.
  • When Zombee was on fire, he followed the fire safety procedure: Stop, Drop and Roll.
  • This is the first and only time that Zombee actually got an A in class.
  • This is the first time that Mucus, Silvester, Cavell, and Witton got an F.