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Stealing is the 3rd episode in Monster School. The students must infiltrate a human's house and avoid his traps to steal his valuables.


The students are teleported to a house in an empty plains, and must try to get past its traps and defenses to steal the valuables from the house's human owner.


Student Grade Description
Creep C Steals a chest of valuables through the help of others
Endie B Cherishes a diamond block
Ghist A Helps the others and steals the human's remaining valuables
Mucus E Fell into a trap
Skellington F Stuck on the roof with Spider
Spider F Stuck on the roof with Skellington
Zombee F Fell into a lava trap
Zombieswine F Killed by the human


  • At the beginning of the episode, Endie has the recognizable Diamond Block he stole later in the episode.