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Trick or Treat was Halloween's special Monster School episode. The students go around a village trick-or-treating in their costumes to get candy.


The students walk around an ordinary village inhabited by a large variety of mobs and monsters, trick-or-treating at houses to get candy.

Student Interactions

Student Grade Description
Creep - Steals candy from a zombie villager, runs away from a cat, and steals Blaise's cookie, vampire
Endie - Goes berserk and attacks a human, Phantom of the Opera
Ghist - Takes head of the human Endie attacked, mask of different faces
Mucus - Kicked away by Zombieswine, pumpkin
Skellington - Gets lots of candy from a witch, grim reaper
Spider - Gets candy from the cat that scared away Creep, spiderweb
Zombee - Knocked away by a door, mummy
Zombieswine - Steals candy from a chicken and kicks away Mucus, Frankenstein
Cavell - Gets candy from a squid in a water well, ghost
Maggie - Devours a pig, Olympic runner
Blaise - Gets a cookie which Creep steals, witch
Multus - A many-faced WWE champion
Silvester - Scared away by a vampire, larvae
Witton - Knocks on a wall, devil
Zupay - Blows up a house and lights another on fire, supervillain


  • This was the first episode of Monster School which wasn't a lesson aside from the "Meet The Students" episodes and the 100/5000 subscribers videos.
  • Skellington might be the one who got the most candy, thanks to the kind witch.
  • Endie broke the fourth wall by jumping onto the camera, trying to eat the viewer at the end.
  • This is also the first episode where Endie eats the human instead of spitting them out.
  • Even though this isn't a class episode, Creep still stole Blaise's candy.
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