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Mucus making a deadly contraption in the Meet the students episode
Series Monster School
Appearance Normal Slime
Role Student
Personality Very intelligent, quite a pushover.

Mucus is a student attending the Monster School. He is a french Slime that usually gets the best grades in the classes (as Zombee and Witton get the worst grades). As his name tells, he is from France. He always does his best.

Role In The Series

Mucus is a slime and always tries to do his best in the class.

Lesson Grade Description
Crafting A In Crafting, he builds a dispenser.
Cooking B In Cooking, he bakes a cake and is eaten by Endie's creation.
Stealing E In Stealing, he tries to sneak through the house's water system, and later dies to in a trap.
Meet the Students - In Meet the Students, he's on top of one of his inventions, and a brief description appears.
Hiding C In Hiding, he groups up with Skellington and Spider, and he is able to escape a human.
Brewing C In Brewing, he makes a jumping potion and lands inside a glass bottle.
Combat C In Combat, he grows larger and "eats" the human.
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, he's eating something, and later chats with Maggie.
Mining F In Mining, he groups up with Multus and Maggie, and later mines straight down.
Acrobatics A In Acrobatics, he slides through the running course. He attaches to the ceiling and falls down to the end of the parkour. He slides up and down the wall.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, he's knocked away and gets no candy. His costume was based off a pumpkin.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas!, he receives a piston.
Combat #2 C In Combat #2, he trips Zombee, combines with Maggie in the next round, and was defeated by Multus in the third.
Scaring F In Scaring, he shows the human a failed test.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - He builds a snow golem with Endie and Creep, later defeating it.
Bus trip - In Bus Trip, he goes on the bus trip.


Mucus is the smartest student in Herobrine's class, as shown by the fact that he gets high marks with high frequency and mentioned in the 'Meet the Students' video. He always tries his best.

Mucus usually minds his own business, however, he beat up Creep in the Cooking lesson when he stole his work. He is bullied a lot though, and usually can not fight back very well. He is bullied mainly by Zombieswine, who finds every opportunity to push Mucus around. Zupay also tortures Mucus often, stretching him, bouncing on him, sitting on him, using his axe to cut him up, and other acts of evil.


Mucus has few abilities, to enlarge or shrink his size, acid insides and, due to being a liquid, liquid physiology. He also has standard Slime powers.

He is also intelligent and tries as hard as he can to pass Herobrine's classes, thus he is vulnerable to getting bullied and tortured.


  • The name "Mucus" is used in both English and French, that is why it is his name.
  • Mucus is very likely to be bullied, but sometimes he can beat up others as well, but prefers not to.
  • Mucus sometimes can get low grades, though he does his best not to do it.
  • Mucus and Maggie appeared to do nothing on the Mining episode, making Multus do all the work, even though Maggie got an E meaning that she might have got an ore. However, they were shown to be moving their pickaxes, which may mean that they were doing work, just not very good work.
    • His bad grades in this episode can be explained since not only his role in the episode was uneventful, but also he was seen for a split second digging straight down (first golden rule in Minecraft: do not dig straight down) in the scene where Multus is mining.
  • Mucus oftentimes gets high grades.
  • Due to his good grades, Zombieswine and Zupay torture him often.
  • Mucus was the first one to be bullied by Zombieswine.
  • Mucus is the only student to have a national language, the other students national languages is unknown