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Multus' debut
Multus' debut
Series Monster School
Appearance Ordinary wither
Role Student
Personality Each head has its own personality

Multus is a Wither that attends the Monster School. Each of his three heads has a different personality.

Role in the Series

Multus is one of the new students. He entered with the other new students in the Monster School Episode: "Meet the New Students".

Lesson Grade Description
Meet the New Students - His debut episode. The episodes describes the personality of each of his heads.
Mining C In Mining, he went with Mucus and Maggie. Multus' heads shot skulls at the ground, taking turns until they found something interesting.
Acrobatics D In Acrobatics, he raced against Ghist. Right before the race started, Multus's right head knocked over Ghist, but his left and middle head disapproved of it and lifted her back up. When she won, the 2 smaller Multus heads were arguing whether it was a right thing to lift her back up, and Multus' middle head shut them up. Later in the episode, since he wasn't allowed to fly in the parkour portion, Multus flipped himself upside down and stood on his heads, then struggled to move forward until he fell. Then during wall climbing, since he again wasn't allowed to fly, he ate right through the wall.
Trick or Treat! - In the Trick or Treat video, he was a many-faced WWE champion. He went to a sheep's house, but when the sheep opened the door, Multus' heads popped out from above, and the sheep instantly fainted. Multus was disappointed that it didn't drop candy, so he went somewhere else.
Merry Christmas! - In the Merry Christmas! episode, Endie gave them few music disks and a jukebox. It could mean that Multus and the other heads like music.
Combat #2 D In Combat 2, Multus fought against the last four students, a reference to him being a boss mob. He was first up against Mucus and Maggie, whom he eventually beat. He then was pitted against Silvester, who ran away. He then fought Zupay, who defeated him by ripping the left head off and using it as a weapon against Multus. He fought Endie, who transformed into his dark side and beat Multus with ease, and when Endie returned to normal, he cried about Multus's supposed death.
Scaring B In Scaring, he scared the human with his voices.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - Lacks appearance.
Bus trip - In Bus Trip, he attends the field trip. In the Nether, he spotted Ghist stealing a Wither Skeleton's head. When she tried to apologize, Multus gave her a wither head projectile in forgiveness, before they were spotted by Hildegarde and were told to return to the front of the Nether Fortress. He was also seen in the end after the Bus Driver called him to save the school bus from Zupay riding the Enderdragon into it.


Multus has a mixed personality, with his right head being evil, his left head being good and his middle head enjoying scaring people. Multus' heads are often seen arguing, trying to get the middle head (who controls the body) to do what they want. In Mining, Multus' right head looks down, dropping Maggie onto the floor. In Acrobatics, Multus races Ghist, but his right head knocks her over before the start. Multus and his left head picks her back up and moves his heads to a single-file formation. Both the left and right head seem to be afraid of the middle head slightly, as the middle always breaks up their arguments.


Like any wither, he is able to fly, shoot wither skulls (both blue and black) and eat blocks. However, he is not quite as strong as most withers, as seen in Combat 2.


  • Multus is the only boss mob to be a student attending the Monster School.
  • In Bus Trip, the decision to save the Bus Drivers Bus from Zupay is the only time all three of his heads agree.
  • He is the youngest student, being born when Hildegarde's bat gave him his invitation. He didn't have his middle head yet, and was just a structure, so the bat took a head from the ground and dropped it between his two other heads, spawning him.
    • However, Zupay could be younger; he is a baby zombie who was never invited, and he could have been infected at birth.
  • He and Endie are the only students who disagree with what they are doing, due to multiple personalities.

Name Origin

  • The name 'Multus' is a Latin word meaning 'much' or 'many', refering to his 3 heads. The word "multus" also means "great," which could be referring to how the Wither is a boss mob in Minecraft.