Willcraft Animations Wiki
Series Endventures
Appearance Normal Zombie
Role Major Character
Personality Goofy

Nobraynes is a major character and a comic relief character in Endventures. He is Click-Clack's best friend, and is stupid even by zombie standards. He is able to survive under the sunlight thanks to fire resistance potions given to him by the Crazy Witch. He is voiced by Ruhan Qureshi.

Role in the Series

Nobraynes doesn't really do anything more than existing and saying something from time to time. As shown in Episode 9, the other characters just want him to "try and stay out of the way", in the words of Colin. His stupidity and random comments is what makes him a humorous character, and the only reason he exists at all; otherwise he would just be in the way. His stupidity does lead him into going into a minecart while everyone doesn't realize it in Episode 13, the group would find him but end up in a very fatal situation, Nobraynes would happen to be the key to everyone surviving however. Throughout the rest of the series nothing really happens to him.


Nobraynes looks like any other zombie. He has dark green skin, empty eye sockets, a blue shirt and navy blue pants.


He has a pretty innocent and friendly personality, and he is very curious about most things. He's not very good at prioritizing, and rather chases a butterfly other than paying attention to his friends. He also doesn't understand when they are pretending to do something, and he is therefore very gullible. In short, he is extremely dim-witted, even by zombie standards. However, this is what makes him a comedic character.


One of Nobraynes's only abilities is his resistance against sunlight, thanks to the potions he has. His other is the fact that he can remove some of his limbs and appendages. In one episode, he is seen using his head as a stool. Otherwise he lacks abilities that zombies usually have, such as common fighting skills. According to Boom, he "seriously sucks at fighting". In Episode 10, according to Click-Clack, it is revealed that Nobraynes is difficult to kill, due to literally having no brains. This also means that "Iron Blokes" (Iron Golems) cannot figure out whether he is alive or dead, and only stands there, staring stupidly at him until he walks away. According to Click Clack, his stupidity is also an "ability".


  • His name obviously means "No Brains" to resemble his stupidity.
  • Nobraynes' comment "Him drunk?" when seeing Shadow passing out is very appreciated by the viewers for unknown reasons.
  • Willcraft said that he wanted to make him sound like another character from another series.
  • Nobraynes is able to die, not just from wounds or decapitation. The only ways to kill him is to burn him into ashes or explode him with TNT, etc.