Willcraft Animations Wiki
Series Battle Characters
Appearance A bald man wearing a brown shirt, gray pants, black shoes, and a red cape on his back.
Role God of Minecraftia
Personality Good, Protective
Hobbies Protecting his world from evil

Notch is the god of Minecraftia. He protected his world from evil as he showed when he stopped plans of the Wither King while he battles him. Notch is changing Minecraft and making it a perfect universe.


He has a beard and a brown shirt that has holes and scratches. He's bald and he wears gray pants, black shoes and a red cape on his back.


  • Creation - Notch can create new things, such as items, mobs, and biomes.
  • Fighting Sword - Notch is always strong with his Diamond Sword.
  • Flight - Notch is also able to fly.
  • Telekinesis - He can move things by distance.
  • Missile Projection - Notch can shoot missiles. His favorites are apple-shaped projectiles.
  • Summoning - He can summon mobs, such as pigs. 
  • Laser Beams - He can shoot lightning or lasers from his pig's head. 
  • Transformation - Notch can transform things, like making them larger or changing blocks into other blocks, etc. 


  • By the time of Endventures, Notch has left Mojang which means The Wither King could leave but he is still clueless if Notch is still there.
  • Notch seems as though he can't control dimensions which already have rulers (like The End have Endermaster, or Herobrine with his own dimension, etc).
  • Herobrine is the ghost of Notch's dead brother, that's why he can't remove him.
  • Notch is the biggest fear of Herobrine's minions, it doesn't matter that he can't control of them.