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Porkey being patted by Colin
Porkey being patted by Colin
Series Endventures
Appearance He looks like an ordinary pig
Role Protagonist
Personality Loyal, Protective, kinda Lazy
Hobbies Sleeping and Eating

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Porkey was Colin's pet and was the deuteragonist of Endventures. He is from a very rare breed of pigs called battlepigs, and that makes him deadly in combat and even able to break blocks. He likes to sleep.

Role in the Series

Porkey is Colin's companion and helps the group throughout the series, mostly during fights. He usually sleeps when he's not fighting or on the move. He has often rushed to the rescue in the last moment, both to help his fellow travelers flee from a fight and take part in them.

Major Spoilers

Porkey is killed by the Endermaster.

During the battle in Episode 12, Porkey holding the Endermen off so that the others could escape. The Endermaster was watching and knew he had to kill the pig to save Wrecker, whom he considered his best general. He went into spirit mode, teleported to the Overworld, and stabbed Porkey in the back. Porkey died in Colin's arms, and Colin later made a grave for him after the group escaped the island.


He looks like a regular pig but he's a battlepig as seen many times.


Not much is known about his personality since he barely communicates at all. He has only spoken three times. He oinked "Kill me" in Episode 7 when feeling very ill and oinked "Bored" at Episode 10 when he became bored at the watchtower, and lastly, he oinked "I want to consume inanimate life forms", meaning he was hungry, in Episode 11. If the rest of the group understands him is unknown since no one payed attention to him when he talked, and if they did he wouldn't have to use gestures to make himself understood. Colin seems to understand him, though.

The few things that are known about his personality is that he is protective, gladly risking his life for Colin. He is also obviously lazy due to his many naps.


Porkey is strong and very skilled in battle. He uses various kicks and other ninja-like moves when fighting, and he has also ripped an enderman's head off and snapped another enderman's neck. He can also break blocks, as seen in Episode 6. He is very intelligent for a pig, or even smarter than an average human. He was even able to hold down Wrecker at one point.


  • According to Colin there are more battlepigs than just Porkey, but he is the only known one.
  • Porkey has only been close to defeat facing one foe, Wrecker. Fortunately, he was saved by Shadow.
  • In Episode 1, Endreai calls Porkey a "ninja pig".
  • Porkey's species, the battle pig can be found in the Useful Pets mod, but it is not hostile to the player, nor initially to monsters.
  • Porkey once attacked Katie, thinking she was an enemy.