Shadowshifter26 is a human who appeared in a battle video. She possesses an unusual power that lets her morph into any Minecraft mob.

Role in the channel.

She only appeared a in battle video when she, Minecrafter405 and Jman02000 fought Voidheart. At first she killed a skeleton in the corridor and went into Voidheart's chamber. Voidheart shot a beam at her but she jumped and he did not reach her.

After her friends killed a horde of zombies that Voidheart summoned, she transformed into a wolf and attacked him. Voidheart shot a beam again and she morphed into a bat, flew above him and jumped at him in human form but Voidheart knocked her back. Then she killed zombies and transformed into a wolf again and killed the shadow Voidheart created.

When the other one fought the wither skeleton she turned into a spider, sneaked onto the wall behind Voidheart and tried to seal the hole leading to the void, but he saw her and trapped her in a force field. One of the humans saved her and tried to kill Voidheart but he threw the human into the void.

Shadowshifter26 morphed into a bat and grabbed his foot, saving the human. After that, the other human found Voidheart's weakness. Shadowshifter26 walked to him but, Voidheart teleported away from them. Ending the fight.


She wears a dark robe with a hood, red gloves, and a black shirt with red buttons. Her skin is light, her hair is brown and she has a pair of 'black eyes'.


Shadowshifter26's only ability is morphing into any Minecraft mob but mobs she transforms into are always black. She is very skilled in battle and at using her ability. She is as good at fighting as Shadow.


  • She was been mistaken for a male until Willcraft revealed that she is a girl.
  • She is one of the two female characters in Battle Videos, and the only one to have fought.