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Skellington is one of the students at Monster School. He is an unlucky Skeleton who is a gifted chef and a good friend.

Skellington with a cake
Series Monster School
Appearance Normal Skeleton
Role Student
Personality Friendly
Hobbies Cooking


He's likes to cook and is happy. His life is a bit ironic, since he is very good at cooking, but doesn't need to eat; and he's useless at handling a bow as well, which is what he is made for. He and Spider are best friends, often helping each other in tricky situations. He's not afraid to try out new things and tries different plans, good and bad, such as mining on top of Ghist in Mining and climbing to the roof in Stealing.

His personality is somewhat similar to Endie's since both are good and helpful friends with similar/notable/artistic hobbies.

Role in the Series

He is normally shown to be the unlucky thinker of the class.

Lesson Grade Description
Crafting E In Crafting, he creates an Eye of Ender with blaze powder and Endie's pearl.
Cooking A In Cooking, he prepares and cooks a chicken with toppings.
Stealing F In Stealing, he and Spider get stuck on the roof, and later die to Ghist.
Meet the Students - In Meet the Students, he bakes a cake and holds a bow improperly, before a brief description appears.
Hiding F In Hiding he teams up with Spider and Mucus. A human notices them, and they fight a little before fleeing.
Brewing E In Brewing, he makes a healing potion.
Combat E In Combat, he uses a sword, which is replaced with a bow. He eventually gives the human poisoned food.
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, he eats a potato, and later talks to Witton.
Mining D In Mining, he teams up with Ghist and Cavell. He and Ghist work together to mine ores.
Acrobatics D In Acrobatics, he fails the running course. He was pushed off the start of the parkour. He threw his head over the wall.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, he receives candy from a witch. His costume was based off the grim reaper.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas!, he receives a cookbook.
Combat #2 D In Combat #2, he chops up Cavell with a sword. Silvester tricks him into killing himself in the next round.
Scaring C In Scaring, he cooks the human alive in a furnace.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - He and Spider give a cake to orphans.
Bus trip - He goes on the bus trip, and chats with Cavell in the nether.


Along with Skeleton Physiology, Skellington is a gifted chef and a good problem solver.

Though Skellington has shown to be far smarter than the normal AI, he can't do simple things that the AI can, such as archery, and like Witton, he couldn't even make the first jump in the race (Acrobatics).


  • He was seen removing his own head twice, in Trick or Treat! and the 100 Subscribers video.
    • He also reassembled his body to throw his head over the Wall in "Acrobatics", let his head fall off in "Stealing" and turned his head 180º in Mining.
  • His name is an allusion of the character, Jack Skellington, from the famous motion picture, The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of Willcraft's favorite Halloween films.
  • Even though Spider is Skellington's Best Friend, according to some fans, Maggie is next in line, due to his love of cooking & hers of eating.
    • The same is said about Witton, due to both of them being Skeletons.
  • The fact he is friendly towards Spider is a reference to the Spider Jockey mob in Minecraft.
  • He is one of the 2 students to actually have a bed, the other being Endie.
  • In the 2014 Christmas video, he is shown giving a cake to an orphanage.