I remember when I found this wiki, it was filled with idk but lets say probably a lot of people, there were many contributors like Baddy and Spartian3000 that were on this wiki. People talked in the comment section of each episode and a character, albeit there were some trolls, and then the Ideas for Willcraft was active. But that three years has passed, this wiki, in my honest opinion, has declined in the amount of users. I've been a contributor since 2014 and I've really notice the decline of the user activity on this wiki, yeah there's still some users on this wiki left but the activity on this wiki isn't big anymore in my opinion. The OG's like Baddy are no longer around, nobody isn't talking/debating on episodes and character pages and the wiki's userbase has dwindled I believe (and 50% I'm wrong) around 2016.

I just wanted to talk about this for a while now and I finally did it. I'm not done with this wiki, but I've lost interest.

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