Voidheart's skin
Series Battle characters
Appearance Very pale skin, black hair and one red eye.
Personality Sadistic, nearly insane

Voidheart is an undead sorcerer who uses the void for his spells. He is hundreds of years old, born during the medieval times. He was featured in a battle video.

Role on the Channel

In his battle video he was fighting Shadowshifter26, Minecrafter405 and Jmyn0200 in his temple. He lost the battle when they discovered his weakness against light, but managed to escape. He is likely to appear in later videos.


Voidheart is undead, and therefore very pale. Half his face is missing and his one eye is red, probably the effect of the dark magic he uses. He has long, black hair and wears a black cloak. He has a silver necklace with a ruby around his neck.

Voidheart Image

Voidheart standing next to his unintroduced servant.


He has been described as very sadistic and almost insane, but since has only appeared in a battle video he hasn't gotten to show much of his personality.


He wields powerful dark magic, but to use it he must have a hole in the bedrock layer close to him since he drains power from the void. His powers comes with a price, though: He can't stand bright light and sunlight makes him combust.

These are his known abilities:

  • Void Energy - During the battle he hurled pure void at his foes multiple times, and captured one of his enemies in it, draining her strength.
  • Necromancy - He summoned zombies and a four armed wither skeleton during the battle, and he has also turned himself undead.
  • Animating Darkness - In one occasion he created a humanoid shape out of void energy that could move like a human. It was destroyed in seconds, though.
  • Undeath - Thanks to the fact that he is dead he has unlimited lifespan and can survive fatal attacks like being impaled without feeling any pain.


  • It is confirmed that Voidheart has a sidekick, but little has been said about it.