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Voidheart's skin
Voidheart's skin
Series Battle characters
Appearance Very pale skin, black hair and one red eye.
Personality Sadistic, nearly insane

Voidheart is an undead sorcerer who uses the void for his spells. He is hundreds of years old, born during the medieval times. He was featured in a battle video. Ever since then, he was planned to appear in Endventures (likely in the sequel series) and be one of the main Antagonists.

Role on the Channel

In his battle video he was fighting Shadowshifter26, Minecrafter405 and Jmyn0200 in his temple. He lost the battle when they discovered his weakness against light, but managed to escape. He was planned to have his own videos in 2017 and be adapted into something that wasn't in minecraft, but Willcraft gave up on that by 2018 unfortunately.


Voidheart is undead, and therefore very pale. Half his face is missing and his one eye is red, probably the effect of the dark magic he uses. He has long, black hair and wears a black cloak. He has a silver necklace with a ruby around his neck.

Voidheart standing next to his unintroduced servant.


He has been described as very sadistic and almost insane, but since has only appeared in a battle video he hasn't gotten to show much of his personality.


He wields powerful dark magic, but to use it he must have a hole in the bedrock layer close to him since he drains power from the void. His powers comes with a price, though: He can't stand bright light and sunlight makes him combust.

These are his known abilities:

  • Void Energy - During the battle he hurled pure void at his foes multiple times, and captured one of his enemies in it, draining her strength.
  • Necromancy - He summoned zombies and a four armed wither skeleton during the battle, and he has also turned himself undead.
  • Animating Darkness - In one occasion he created a humanoid shape out of void energy that could move like a human. It was destroyed in seconds, though.
  • Undeath - Thanks to the fact that he is dead he has unlimited lifespan and can survive fatal attacks like being impaled without feeling any pain.

2017 Rewrite

Around 2017 after Willcraft had quit his Minecraft content for a couple years at that point, he did do a rewrite for Void Heart that greatly expanded his story and lore than what he originally was in 2013-2015. He was planned to have his own videos once Willcraft learned how to animate and model original things, unfortunately this would never happen sadly. This rewrite was also during when Willcraft still considered finishing Endventures and Void Heart was in the same universe as Endventures. Willcraft would also remove Void Heart's magic system when adapted to original animations and he would change his name.

Having lived since their equivalent of medieval times. He was originally an honest and kind person who loved reading, and was a miner by profession. One day he dug his way into a temple of a long extinct cult known as Void Warlocks. There he would come across Elach, his unintroduced sidekick. A little goblin who supposedly was a prototype of a mob Notch was working on, but he scrapped the idea. However he forgot to scrap the prototype, so Elach lived on as the only one of his kind. Notch also hadn't finished his health, so he was immortal. Hence why he's still alive despite everyone else in the temple being dead since centuries back.

Elach warns him of the temple and the knowledge that is to be found there, once having been an unwilling servant of the Void Warlocks and seen what they're up to. Dark magic and necromancy and shit. Voidheart listens to him and returns home, bringing the poor goblin with him to care for, because he's a nice person like that.

However he comes back to find that his home has been burned down with his mother inside. Devastated and desperate, he returns to the temple and against Elach's protests begins to study the Void Warlocks' teachings in hopes of reviving her. In the process he loses the right side of his face as a consequence of his reckless studies. Overtime he's also forced to turn himself undead to make sure he won't simply die of old age before he's figured out how to resurrect his mother. However despite being a higher form of undead that even regenerates wounds at rapid speeds, the disfigurement on his face persisted since it was there before he turned undead.

After decades of intense studies, he comes to the conclusion that his mother cannot be brought back. Void magic is all about harnessing the life-sucking power of The Void, as well as reanimating corpses by filling them with the sucked-out life from those who have fallen into it. And since his mother wasn't killed by The Void, her soul instead passed on to wherever people go in this universe when they die.

Voidheart, driven mad from this, instead ends up forming the insane goal that he's going to turn everyone in the world undead to prevent anyone from ever dying again. And hell, undeads, at least the higher forms of them like him, are better than humans in almost every way. They don't need food or sleep, they can't drown, they don't age, they're a lot harder to kill, their only enemy is fire and the sun that sets them on fire. So in addition to wanting to turn the world undead, he also wanted to darken the sun. And yes, this WOULD eradicate all animals in the world and kill all the plants and leave a wasteland of dirt and sand and stuff. But yeah... mad.

His first step towards his goal was to trick his way into becoming the advisor of a king, using his magic to convince them that he was wise and had powers that would be an incredible asset to them. He eventually got the king into agreeing to turning his entire army undead, and after that, Voidheart used his influence of the undead to overthrow the king and usurp his throne, proceeding to turning all the civilians undead as well.

From there, he founded the Empire of the Undead, a fearsome nation that sought to conquer the world, and got pretty close too, all in the name of creating a Utopia. At some point during Voidheart's reign, Medusabelle joined him as "court witch". Voidheart put up with her shenanigans considering that she was a very powerful witch, more than powerful enough to break bedrock, which was very valuable to Voidheart since his magic depended on having a nearby opening to The Void. Medusabelle, by contrast, mainly became part of his court because she had a major crush on him.

Then came the fateful period when the Empire of the Undead would finally begin to fall. It began when Medusabelle was taken by witch hunters. Voidheart could technically have saved her, but as she was captured during daytime he chose not to due to his near-irrational fear of the sun. Medusabelle did of course manage to escape before her public execution, but they haven't been on good terms ever since. Voidheart always found her annoying to begin with, and she hasn't forgiven him for leaving her to die. She's still got a crush on him though and probably WOULD forgive him if only he'd apologize. Maybe do a little dance to go with it.

However, having grown too reliant on Medusabelle's magic and her ability to open up holes to The Void for Voidheart to use, Voidheart found himself at a sudden major disadvantage against his enemies. Soon he began to lose territory and soldiers, slowly, until all that remained was his castle. He fortified it to the best of his abilities with his remaining minions, but eventually the enemy forces invaded it and he retreated to the inner chambers where he had an opening to The Void, performing a last stand there at his full power. (This event is poorly told in that battle animation I did, but in the canon version the enemy forces didn't consist of three random subscribers of a YouTuber, but of tons of warriors of enemy nations. - Willcraft)

Eventually he found himself defeated, but escaped by diving into The Void with Elach (who by the way had been with him this whole time, forced into servitude and unwilling to defy his master out of both fear and memories of what he was once like. I kinda neglected to mention him in all of this - Willcraft). Eventually he found an opening back to the surface, but by that time his entire empire that he'd spent so much time and effort building up laid in ruins and he was a wanted outlaw in every land.

So he spent the next few hundred years getting by any way he could, at one point being a pirate captain, at another hosting a popular illegal fightclub where any casualties were reanimated as his minions, etc. Overall, he never got anywhere near close to being the fearsome overlord he once was, mostly being an obscure has-been. But he still aspires to conquer the world again and create his Utopia. In the other series that was planned after Endventures, he would appear in that one to attempt just that. He'd also team up with Medusabelle and together they'd do all kinds of freaky shit.