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Willcraft Animations is the name of the Minecraft animator who created this wiki and is what this wiki is based on.

Willcraft is an independent YouTuber that specializes in using a Minecraft-based animation program called Mine-imator.

Series that he created:

Link to Willcraft's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/diedie15

History on Youtube

Endventure Beginnings (2012)

Willcraft joined YouTube in 2011 with the channel name "diedie15", where he was just a normal user. He had a nice ambition for a Minecraft series called Endventures but didn't really know how to make it a reality, However when he discovered the Minecraft Animation software called Mine-imator though, he decided to start making the series. He would start using Mine-imator in early September of 2012, where he released his first ever video/animation which showcased The Endermaster who was the main antagonist of the series. It wouldn't get much attention. Later in September, Willcraft would start working on the first 2 episodes of Endventures where they had pretty low views. Willcraft had a lot less free time in October though, which meant his next episode would be out in November. Episode 4 would be released the same week and both still didn't get much views. Episode 5 would be released at the start of December. Willcraft then decided to take a break from Endventures to try to find a different way to grow his channel and also try practicing animation again with a new concept. That's when he came up with the idea of Monster School, where the infamous creepypasta Herobrine, would teach Minecraft mobs about survival and other stuff in a comedic way. The first Monster School Animation he did would be published on December 11, 2012, it immediately got very well received and good views and thus Willcraft would start creating more. Around this time he was planning to do a Christmas video but ultimately he ended up repurposing one of his upcoming Monster School videos as one.

Monster School's Peak (2013)

At the start of 2013, Wilcraft would also do other things like making Minecraft Battles of infamous characters against one of his own characters or having his own viewers submit their user to him which they could be in his videos. Monster School was still the main focus however and it would still get quite popular, he would also reveal the personalities of the Monsters so that way his audience could understand his videos better. During that time, he changed his channel name from "diedie15" to "Willcraft .Animations". In February, Willcraft decided to start working on Endventures again. He saw the current episodes were poorly made and had a terrible plot. So he decided to rewrite the plot for Endventures to make it a much better story, and make the animation much better. He did plan on making a recap video of the other Episodes although with story changes, but scrapped it. In March, Willcraft hit 100 subscribers and thus decided to celebrate that. He also made a special Monster School video about that. There would be no shortage of Monster School videos of course, and Willcraft would continue to produce them. There would also be some battle videos around this time and a Minecraft isn't realistic style of videos. Willcraft would also still work on Endventures going into April, and produce another Minecraft Isn't Realistic Video. Around this time, Willcraft's Monster School videos would explode heavily in popularity and he would gain 5000 subs in little time, he would also introduce more Monsters to the series. His 5000 subs celebration video would also come and he would reveal some of his upcoming plans, like having voice acting in Endventures, and possibly having the Ender Dragon be in Monster School. In May Willcraft would upload a QnA video that would reveal his swedish voice and other stuff, not much other notable stuff happened but in June, Willcraft would continue to make Monster School videos and make some Battle videos while also working on Endventure Episodes. In July, Willcraft hit 100,000 subscribers and revealed himself for the first time (he ended up unlisting the 100K subscribers video because it was terrible). In November with Episode 9 now having voice acting, Willcraft would improve in animating a lot, and he would make more Monster School videos. He would also make a special Monster School video for Christmas and had the Santa be chosen based off a poll.

Slowdown But Still Going (2014)

At the start of 2014, Willcraft decided to create a new intro for his Monster School videos that would introduce a bus driver to the series too. However there was a noticeable less amount of videos around this time at that was because Willcraft was getting ready for the pre-release versions of Mineimator 1.0.0 and he also switched computers during Summer 2014 due to the old one breaking down and he lost a lot of data during that. He would also have far less free time to animate. Endventures Episode 10 would be released before the computer issues arose. There would only 3 Monster School videos this year and in June, Willcraft would release a video that showed off progress to Endventures Episode 11. Towards the end of 2014, Willcraft would also make a Minecraft Version of the Oogie Boogie Song that was supposed to be released last year and would essentially have a half-Christmas/half-vlog video at the end of the year.

The Decline of Minecraft Videos (2015)

In 2015, it was clear that Willcraft was struggling quite heavily, he would make another Monster School video in March 15, 2015, but unknown to many at the time, that would end up being his final one. He would then upload his final battle series video on May 28 and it got pretty popular. On July 22, 2015 Willcraft would then release Endventures Episode 12 and it would end up being very well received as it was much more dark than the previous ones and had a strong presentation, but the video still had very low views and unknown to many at the time, that would end up being his final one. Around this time, Willcraft was starting to get worried about the future of his channel and that he would lose popularity once Monster School ended or Endventures ended, so he thought of the fact of making some top 10 videos on various subjects with him in it so people would watch it after watching how other YouTubers made content, but he later unlisted these. Willcraft would then make a Halloween Minecraft video called "The Miner's Bane" and it was intended to be a Horror Minecraft video, it was also a lore piece for Endventures. He would also work on Episode 13 of Endventures.

Depression Begins (2016)

Willcraft would be pretty inactive throughout 2016. At the start of the year, he did update his viewers on Episode 13 of Endventures but was also requesting another voice actor for Click-Clack and he ended up unlisting this. However, in Spring 2016, Willcraft had a breakdown and was under a severe case of depression which demotivated him from making any content around this time. Willcraft's friend Luna would make an update video to his channel in April stating he was okay, but then there were a few more months of silence. Willcraft would then upload a Halloween Update Video and it would explain a lot of things. Willcraft would be changing up his content to be more focused of commentaries and have some reviews. The big thing that Willcraft mentioned however is that he would discontinue all Minecraft videos including Monster School and excluding Endventures (which was later cancelled in 2018). He explained that he was getting sick of Monster School and wasn't enjoying making it anymore and wanted to make more professional work that didn't leech off a game's popularity, he also felt he outgrew the series and that it would end either way. Because he wanted to broaden his content, having "Animations" in the name didn't feel right for him anymore so he renamed the channel from "Willcraft .Animations" to just "Willcraft". Willcraft also stated he was struggling from depression that was killing any motivation for him to make videos he would enjoy.

Continued Depression (2017/2018)

Willcraft would be an on and off Youtuber from 2017 to 2018. In April, Willcraft uploaded an hour long Commentary where he pretty much vented his frustrations with life at the moment and also explained his depression. The next few days later however, he decided to showcase a game he was working on in Unity, it was essentially a gambling dice game, people did like it however. Willcraft would then upload a theory video on how the World would end in May, Willcraft would disappear for a few months, but in late August, Willcraft did attempt to get back into Minecraft Animating since he wasn't done with Endventures yet. He also decided he wasn't happy with the current quality of Monster School and Endventures. and so put in genuine effort. He only ended up animating for a little bit though before losing interest for good. There was also a prominent amount of people who wanted him to upload Monster School again but Willcraft just shook it off, but sometimes he would act a bit harsh and ultimately it caused some people to see the angry side of Willcraft. Willcraft would then make a Rant Review on Cloud Meadow and then return in February 2018 where he would make some more venting videos, occasional review videos, some commentaries, and Willcraft also announced that he put most of his unlisted videos in a playlist so people could watch them again. Around this time, Willcraft also made a now permanent unlisted video, where he talked about potentially returning back to making Minecraft Monster School videos since his current content wasn't doing so well. However he still ended up abandoning the plan, the video also ended up not going on the unlisted video playlist but the link for it is still archived. After that he would just make more venting videos and showcase some games he made. Willcraft would contiune to make more vent videos throughout 2018 and even show off some games he was working on. He would also make a review on Bendy and the Ink Machine and make a Christmas commentary video.

Game Developer (2019/2020)

At the start of 2019, Willcraft would make some Depression update/Venting videos and later in February would start to show off previews of a big project he was working on. This game he was working on would get the title of Exit The Intraverse and it would have a fairly deep storyline and have primarily text based gameplay with some action thrown in too. He would release several videos on what he was working on and showcase different areas of the game. Willcraft would upload venting videos and a QnA video in-between them however. Willcraft would also make a Discord server in the end of 2019. In an attempt to rally people who genuinely enjoyed the content, he was putting out and separate them from the Monster School viewers that Willcraft didn't want on his channel and he did announce on his Discord server that Endventures was indefinitely cancelled but he was thinking about showcasing work he had done on Episode 13. In 2020, Willcraft would only upload 5 videos, being 2 videos for Exit The Intraverse, 2 commentaries with one being about the Artemis Fowl Movie Adaption, and a game showcase of something he was working on for Halloween called SCPacman.

Willcraft Quits YouTube (2021)

In April 2021, Willcraft would upload a video where he questioned if he should be doing Youtube anymore since he wasn't uploading in a normal manner and essentially wasting his viewer's times and that his depression would still keep him for doing anything meaningful. On his discord server he would say he is planning one final video that clears up a lot of things like Monster School and also saying that he would showcase work he had done on later Endventures Episodes. After that he would quit Youtube and also question about having a Discord Server, he would also still work on his Exit The Intraverse that was in development hell. He then published the quitting video on June 29, 2021 and the Endventures video on July 2, 2021, thus he would stop doing YouTube, but he would also not delete his Discord or his channel (He shut down his Discord server in October). He also published a Quitting Youtube video a few days before the Endventures one where he went over dozens of questions he was asked over time and did commentaries on some subjects like Exit The Intraverse and Monster School Misconceptions, he wanted to get his views out there on Youtube, since he still had a lot of publicity. Willcraft also really reflected on himself and views his channel as his teenage self's beginner mistakes where he was too ambitious with some projects to the point he had to shrink down the scope to where it no longer resembled it's self, wasn't good with handling voice actors, and also taking a lot of shortcuts while animating because he never had the incentive to get properly good.


Mine-imator is a program created by David Norgen. It was a simple alternative to making Minecraft animations than other programs. For example, Cinema 4D, along with Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, and Blender, have complex interfaces, lighting and rigging systems, and it took a beefy PC to Render Animations. Additionally, these said programs except for Blender are paid programs, while Blender is a free program. Meanwhile, Mine-imator had a much more simple interface and it was quite easy to set up lighting and rig objects, rendering was also pretty fast, although Animations wouldn't have much detail as ones made in Blender or Maya for example.

Just a quick review, this is the program he uses.

Willcraft's Personal information

Willcraft is careful with his personal information and first showed himself in the 100,000 subs special, then sitting in a dark room dressed in a tuxedo with his voice made darker. The main reason for the voice change was because he is bad at talking in front of camera and tried to hide it. He later started appearing regularly, no longer using a voice changer.

He wears a tuxedo, gloves, a top hat and most notably a gas mask. Why he wears this attire is somewhat unclear, but he has said himself that he wants to create his own persona, which, in this case, is a formal 'masked maniac'.

Games by Willcraft

Willcraft did produce games during 2012/2014 but he lost them after a Computer switch. After Willcraft quit making Minecraft Animations, he seriously got into game making and started to make games in Unity. Ultimately most of his games would be small scope and not full of much depth, but further down the years he would develop more complex games.


"Dice" Game

The first game Willcraft showed off on his channel being made in late April of 2017. The gameplay was pretty simple where you just roll a dice with a Gambler A.I and try to get the high number, and you would get gold if you win and not gain any if you lose. The game does have a download aswell.

"Multiplayer" Game

The second game Willcraft was working on in August 2018 and despite Multiplayer being in the name of the game, it really wasn't Multiplayer, the gameplay centered around a 3D character you would control, across randomly generated terrain, you would also have the ability to make blocks rise into the air and combat would be based on block throwing, the bosses in the game would have unique special abilities. Ultimately the game was abandoned because it was messy for Willcraft program and he wanted to do better projects.

"Spook" Game

Another game Willcraft made in October 2018. Not a whole lot is known about this but you would have a Phone Camera to use. The game was never really worked on again.

"Witch" Game

What looks to be a modified version of the previous game in terms of graphics, appears to be pretty different, this time you would have a magic stick that allows you to levitate objects. This game also was abandoned.


A unique project, Willcraft made for Halloween of 2020, it is essentially a SCP take on the original Pac-man. The Ghosts have been replaced by SCP Monsters and have unique abilities, another cool thing is you can physically see the arcade machine for the game when playing. Willcraft also released this game for the public.

Exit The Intraverse

A major project Willcraft is working on and it is planned to have a full storyline, atmospheric and text based gameplay, some interactive gameplay, and the game would be published on Steam. The game has been in development hell ever since 2020 however and Willcraft is unsure if it will ever see the light of day.


  • He was formerly known as diedie15.
  • Before his channel was renamed to just Willcraft, his former channel name had a dot next to Animations. This was because back in May 2013, YouTube changed his channel name back to diedie15, and when he renamed the channel back to Willcraft Animations, they added a dot next to Animations for some reason, which could not be removed.
  • In a Q&A video, he is revealed to be Swedish due to his voice accent.
  • He loves Halloween.
  • Willcraft's least favorite holidays are Christmas and Valentine's Day.
  • During the time of Halloween, Willcraft 'got' dark magic. He showed it when he paralyzed Lawrence for calling him "Tim Burton fanboy" and later he blasted him because he said that he hates cats. Later, he resurrected him.