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Zombieswine with his preferred weapon.
Zombieswine with his preferred weapon.
Series Monster School
Appearance He looks like an ordinary Zombie Pigman
Role Student
Personality Cocky, lazy, a little stupid and revengeful
Hobbies Bullying other students

Zombieswine is a Zombie Pigman who is attending the Monster School. He is a bully who likes to harm students doing better than him or for fun.


Zombieswine is inattentive, cocky, lazy, slightly stupid and does not seem to care about his studies, yet hates everyone ahead of him in his studies, making Mucus his "nemesis". Being physically stronger than most of the students, he attempts to harm everyone to do well in his studies, or just to entertain himself. He is sometimes willing to cooperate with the students, but only if it means he hurts some of them in the process. As most zombies, he acts without thinking most of the time. Strangely, he is involved with mushrooms sometimes in the series, such as making Mushroom Stew in Cooking, having his head turned into a Mooshroom in Brewing, and having his torso changed into a red mushroom in Bus Trip. Although he is cocky and picks fights, he has only won one, but it was unfair.

Lesson Grade Description
Crafting F In Crafting, he makes a green plank.
Cooking D In Cooking, he tries to cook Mucus with mushrooms.
Stealing F In Stealing, he's knocked out the house, and with Ghist, he blows up Spider and Skellington. He is then killed by the human.
Hiding E In Hiding, he pairs up with Ghist, and hides in a bush.
Brewing A In Brewing, his head is turned into a mushroom, and uses it to make a potion that increases size.
Combat E In Combat, he kills the human with a hammer.
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, he's chewing on a bone.
Mining E In Mining, he's grouped with Endie and Zombee. He mines some ores, which Creep steals.
Acrobatics D In Acrobatics, Blaise beats him in the running course. He falls off the parkour. He tries to climb the wall with golden swords, and fails.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, he steals candy from a chicken. His costume is based off Frankenstein.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas!, he receives a teddy bear.
Combat #2 F In Combat #2, Zupay steals his hammer and kills him.
Scaring F In Scaring, he oinks to try to scare the human.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - He ambushes Skellington, and is beaten up by Spider.
Bus trip - In Bus Trip, he goes on the bus trip and when they are in the Forest, Zombieswine is bored and goes out to seek other activity, Zupay follows and both stumble across a Human walking in the forest, Zupay pushes Zombieswine into open view and he dies, Hildegrade does intervein and ends up reviving Zombieswine, but also puts a mushroom around his chest and arms as punishment.

Harmful acts (Students and Bus Driver only)

1. He tried to cook Mucus to make him into Mushroom Stew, but it was foiled by Endie. (Cooking)

2. Subsequently, Zombieswine attempted to attack Endie, but was once again knocked out by him. (Cooking)

3. Together with Ghist, he "blew up" Spider and Skellington with one shot. (Stealing)

4. He pushed Skellington into his doom. (Acrobatics)

5. He dropped the Bus Driver's coffee mug, and was punished by getting hit with a stone brick when the Driver flipped his magical coin. (Scaring)

Role in the series

Trick or Treat!

In Trick or Treat!, he dresses as the Monster of Frankenstein. First, he finds a chicken, which he grabs and shakes, grabbing the candy from it. Next, he kicks Mucus away from a door, only to get jumped on by Maggie.

Merry Christmas

In Merry Christmas, he got a teddy bear, which he left it in the box and kicks away out of anger.


  • Despite Zombieswine and Zupay both being bullies, they fight each other.
  • He most likely got the bear, due to being naughty. (If you saw any episodes where Zombieswine was bullying other monsters, you can find out why).
  • The word 'Swine' means 'pig' in German.