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Zupay behind his oversized bench
Zupay behind his oversized bench
Series Monster School
Appearance Ordinary Baby Zombie Villager
Role Student
Personality Evil, Malicious
Hobbies Bullying (Sometimes)

Harming Students

Zupay is a student in Monster School. He is the most evil of all the students, beating Zombieswine and Multus' right head in Combat #2 . He tends to harm students for fun whenever a teacher isn't watching.

Role in the Series

Lesson Grade Description
Meet the New Students - In Meet the New Students, Zupay is described as pure evil.
Mining C In Mining, Zupay steals a diamond from Spider.
Acrobatics B In Acrobatics, Zupay is beaten by Silvester in the running part. Then in the jumping part, he traversed the platforms quickly without stumbling. Finally in the wall climbing part, he climbed it without slipping.
Trick or Treat! - In Trick or Treat!, he is seen blowing up a villager's house after he refuses to give him candy. He then burns down a skeleton's house after they only give him one piece. His costume was a Super Villain/Demon.
Merry Christmas! - In Merry Christmas, he gives everyone who didn't vote him as Santa traps disguised as presents.
Combat #2 A In Combat #2, he fights against Multus, Ghist and Zombieswine and defeats them.
Scaring A In Scaring, he successfully traumatises a human through hypnosis.
Merry Christmas, I guess.. - In "Merry Christmas, I guess...", Zupay is seen attempting to nuke a house, but gets blown away from the blast of the gun. He's then shown invading a house, but Santa places him in a present and mails it to Willcraft.
Bus trip - In Bus Trip, Zupay is seen yet again trying to wreak havoc. First, during the Forest he follows Zombieswine who was wondering off and when they encounter a human, Zupay pushes Zombieswine into the open so Zombieswine get's blamed for getting himself in trouble. And the plan works as Hildegarde blames Zombieswine for slacking off. At the end of the episode, he gets detention after almost destroying the Bus Driver's bus.

Zupay frequently torments other students and causes chaos and havoc.


Zupay has been described as "pure evil". During his first encounter with Zombee, he bit his right hand and refused to let go, and when Spider found a diamond, he quickly stole it and threw Spider into a pool of lava. He seems to be a sore loser, because whenever someone wins a contest against him or does something good before he does, he tries to kill them. And he would succeed if Herobrine didn't revive all students that die during a lesson.


Zupay is unusually fast, even for a baby zombie. He can also jump very quickly with perfect precision, shown in the acrobatics lesson when he easily jumped past the floating logs without falling down like most of the others. He also has a small axe that he uses as a weapon, and he is very good at climbing, being able to scale large walls faster than any spider. He also crawls facing the ground when climbing down a wall. He can fight better than prettty much every student and is almost immortal, as shown in Combat #2. He can also mine quite well. He is much smarter than the average Zombie, despite being young, and seems to care about his grades, unlike Zombieswine. He is also able to hypnotize people as seen on Scaring.


  • Zupay is the only child student, which is pretty ironic since they are in school, not in college or something for younger people. However, most schools are for people from ages 4-18, so the others may be children too.
  • Even so, he isn't the youngest student as Multus is younger. (Multus was built by Hildegarde's bat after the bat left the invitation.)
  • The name "Zupay" comes from a demon in Inka mythology that tortures people in hell.
  • Herobrine, (with teleportation) Hildegarde, (with a spell) and the bus driver (with the coin) are the only people in the series that have the power to stop Zupay.
  • In fact, Hildegarde had to give Zupay detention for what he had done.
  • Although Zupay and Zombieswine are both bullies, they haven't teamed up with each other. In fact, they dislike each other.